Last Train to Christmas, loved it but I have questions!

** Contains Spoilers **

New to Sky Christmas 2021 is The Last Train to Christmas.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film and knowing Martin Sheen travels in time as he moves between carriages, I made a conscious effort to pay attention!

I invested my entire evening in this film and while I did enjoy it, it left me with a lot of questions and you just know THAT ending was on purpose!!

Tony Towers enters his carriage a famous London nightclub owner.  The year is 1985 and mullets and big hair is everywhere to be seen.  The film is a very loud version of the Butterfly Effect, whatever Tony says and does in one carriage affects the outcome of the remaining carriages and eventually loses Tony Towers - Nightclub Owner for good, well I assume so as I have to make up my own ending!

What Tony does for a living is not really the underlying story here, while it is the one that we follow it soon becomes clear that the story is about his troubled "brother" Roger.  No matter what Tony says in the prior carriages to include his brother in the success of his nightclub or his record deal, Roger goes off the rails, he's not happy, he's very sad inside and eventually, it consumes him.

In the end, Tony goes back to the 40s (might be 50s, I've got slightly lost with the number of carriages and timelines we went through), when he's just a small boy and jumps off the train in a last-ditch attempt to save Roger.  It stops his Aunty Val from giving away her baby boy, Roger, to her sister, Tony's mother, and the entire lifeline for Tony and Roger changes.
Tony Towers as a child

Tony is placed back on a carriage at the front of the train and as he steps down he's an old man, he flicks through his wallet and sees he's married to Sue and gets off the train as it reach London.

That's it!

No, I need answers.  How is Tony OK with missing 30/40 years of his life, actually all of his life.  He is a different man to the one that got on the train, what did he do for a living? Did he ever get the nightclubs off the ground?  We know he never had Roger as a brother, but what became of Roger?

That's how the film left me for around 2 days, but then as the film settles in my thoughts, I kind of like how it ended, we get to make up the ending, even if we have no idea what Tony Towers did with his life.

Did anyone else feel like that? 


  1. It looks like the will be a continuation as at the end of the titles it says Tony towers will return in yesterday is forever

    1. Oh interesting, I must have missed that bit.


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