When sticking to the script doesn't work during Covid!

Are there no humans in Customer Service anymore Sainsbury's?
Against my better judgement, I ordered our Christmas meat with Sainsburys.  I put down a £20 deposit for our food and arranged to pick this food up on Wednesday 22nd December.  

Then we got covid!

What I should have done is gone to my local butchers!  Keeping it local and supporting small businesses.  Rest assured, this experience will stay with me and will remind me every winter to stay local!

I couldn't get my meat as we were isolating.  I managed for someone to collect the meat the next day, but we had missed our slot and the food was nowhere to be found!

Back on the shelf probably!

I contacted Sainsbury's and the person dealing with Christmas orders basically said tough when l asked for my money back!  The deposit was only for my Christmas food and as I missed my date I couldn't get it back!

I went via Twitter, as per one of the only means to contact Sainsburys these days, that was a waste of time as the person monitoring this account, referred me to the person I just spoke to.  

I went via another number to make a complaint and ended up with the same person I had spoken to!  Fed up, tired and at breaking point, I asked to speak to his manager, he said he was working from home and would email him. He tapped very loudly on his keyboard.

No manager contacted me.

Sainsbury kept my money because I missed my appointment, due to isolating.

Sainsbury kept my meat because I missed my appointment because I had covid. 

Thank you Sainsbury for this terrible service, it has reminded me why I am trying to shop local and support those who have actual humans to talk to and care about their customers.  


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