Croods 2 finally arrived and was worth the wait

We waited a long time to see Croods 2 and I think it's fair to say, just like the new age, it did not disappoint

Croods 2 Synopsis

The Croods have survived their fair share of dangers and disasters, from fanged prehistoric beasts to watching their daughter get heart eyes over a new boyfriend.  But now they face something that will shake their pack to its core and make them reconsider everything they hold true - another family.

The Croods need a new place to live so the first prehistoric family sets off into the world in search of a safer place to call home.  When they discover an idyllic walled-in paradise that meets all their needs, they think their problems are solved - except for one thing - another family already lives here:  The Bettermans

After the first 15 minutes, it's as good as the first!

I wasn't sure for the first 15 minutes of this film if it was going to live up to the first film.  It was centring very much on Eep and Guy's love, but it becomes apparent later on in the film why this is so important.

The film follows how the Bettermans have created a new, safe, domesticated life and care for the area they live in.  They knew Guy's family and he fits right in with the Bettermans and cracks begin to show in his and Eep's relationship, helped along by the Bettermans - who maybe are not so better after all!

But all is not what it seems and when the Croods break the one rule - do not eat the bananas - the film and adventure kick in, with Dawn "getting a scar" is one of the funniest moments in the film for me.

With Laughter all the way, for us, this film was just as much fun as the first and did not disappoint and what's more, if you loved it like we did, did you know there is a party pack full of activities to do with the children related to Croods 2.

A must watch for Croods fans

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