Great Lives in Graphics: Book Review

Great Lives in Graphics is a brilliant new series from Button Books to help children learn fascinating facts about some of the world's famous lives. 

Great Lives in Graphics for Primary School Children
These books are aimed at Primary School children and are written on easy to read pages, with bright colours and diagrams designed to help children absorb the information in a fun way.

Drawn in by the bright cover colours, my son was immediately attracted to the books and took no time at all to pick up Albert Einstein's book and read out the time travel facts.

These books have hit their mark and will not gather dust in any child's bookshelf!

About the Series

Great Lives in Graphics is an innovative and exciting series that gives kids a new way to learn about the men and women whose exploits and deeds have changed the world. Each book captures and reveals the incredible discoveries and achievements of the world’s most famous artists, writers, musicians, scientists, activists, leaders and more – brought to life with fun, stylish and easy-to-understand infographics.

About Great Lives in Graphics: Shakespeare  ISBN 9781787080515

A brand new infographic biography of the most well-known playwright of all time. In an engaging graphic style, this book explains the world into which William Shakespeare was born and how his plays have continued to be taught and performed across the world for over 400 years. 

It details how a country boy with no university education, from a small town in Tudor England, went on to write the most amazing and enduring plays in all of English literature. The book very vividly describes the superstitions of the age and how Shakespeare’s plays were filled with witches, ghosts and sorcery. 

Did you know that the Gunpowder Plot directly inspired Shakespeare to write Macbeth? And did you know that Will borrowed many plots from old books as well as adapting stories like Romeo and Juliet from its original Italian incarnation?

About Great Lives in Graphics: Albert Einstein ISBN 9781787081215

Infographic biography of the most well-known scientist of all time. This book explains the world into which Einstein was born and how his theories and discoveries went on to change the course of world history forever. 

It details his childhood in Germany and how he was a rebellious student who didn’t like to follow rules. Quick-tempered and passionate he was an imaginative daydreamer with a passion for the truth, and from a young age, he wanted to understand the invisible forces that made the world work. 

The book very vividly describes the concepts and science behind Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity, and how his discoveries proved that atoms exist and explained how gravity works, ultimately revealing the very fabric of the universe.

Did you know that the appearance of Yoda from Star Wars was partially based upon Einstein? Or better yet that Einstein did not like quantum physics because of how it works on the basis of probabilities rather than specific results… or as he more humorously put it; “I like the think the moon is there even when I’m not looking at it!

These books get 5 stars from Max, aged 10.

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