Starting Sustainability with the bottom.

Last year I heard about Bumboo Toilet Rolls, a tree-free toilet tissue paper, with no plastic to be seen!
Bamboo Toilet Rolls

What got my attention with Bumboo is their "buy one plant one" initiative in partnership with "Eden Reforestation Projects.  I like the idea of businesses putting back into the world, it shows how there are genuine humans behind the brands and not just a board of fat cats looking to get fatter.

Bumboo's Mission

"Our mission is to encourage people to live more sustainably".

"Our eco-friendly toilet paper rolls are made from 100% super-soft bamboo, one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, offering an eco-friendly, rapidly renewable alternative to trees. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed and 100% plastic-free (even the tape we use to seal our cartons is plastic free, made with kraft paper and plant-based adhesive, reinforced with glass fibres)."

Set Up Bumboo as a Subscription

For me, Bumboo has many positives. The eco-friendly toilet paper is made from 100% super-soft bamboo, one of the world's fasting growing plants, and it does its job.  It's the small steps in the right direction for my household.

I have my toilet rolls on repeat subscription which is delivered unwrapped, so no plastic, every few months.  I can change my delivery date if we don't need any toilet rolls by the due date.

Bumboo also supply kitchen rolls and tissue boxes and all come with the option of unwhitened paper.  I actually love the colour of the tissue box paper and makes a statement in the room.

There are many Bamboo sustainable companies out there so now is the time we need to be asking ourselves what is right for us, the planet and our pocket.

It is all a fine balancing act but we can get there.

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  1. Sounds very much like Ty Mor which I buy. And I see you're like me having to then find a space to store 48


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