How we made David Walliams' Megamonster Character!

This was possibly my last year to make a World Book Day costume, and we ended on a biggie.

Once the email from the school came out in February that they would be doing World Book Day and costumes were optional, I asked my son what his favourite book was and what he wanted to go as.


Dear Lord!! Are you sure boy?  I didn't even know what the Megamonster was, as I had not read this book to him, he'd read this one himself and it wasn't one that had been on TV (like Gansta Granny or Billionaire Boy!).

I had no idea what I was walking into!!

My son went and got his book and read out the following.


I asked again, actually, I asked three times if he was absolutely sure he wanted to go full dress up as the Megamonster and every time I was treated with a big fat yes.

And so the mega task of making the Megamonster began.

I bought the most wonderful boogie green fleece fabric from Gather n Sew and the pattern from McCalls to make the jumpsuit (PJs).  I thoroughly enjoyed making this, I was really pleased with how the zip turned out and this was the first time I'd made long sleeves and cuffs.  

I did break my overlocker though!  It is now off to the mechanic to be looked at, I was totally irresponsible and fed through some fabric that was way too thick.  Lesson learnt I will never do that again!

For the arms, we went to the charity shops to purchase red, orange, and yellow fabrics (tops).  The (fire monster) firearm was straightforward flames.  The (amoeba monster) amoeba arm was made from green placemats purchased from the charity shop stuffed with fleece cut-offs and faces were drawn on. 

The Jelly foot was made from edging we bought in a haberdashery, along with a green neck pillow - which I turned into the slug belly, and the bald knee was actually a Rick and Monty facemask.  My sewing machine caught the mask so it folds in on itself, I am disappointed in myself for that!  Rookie error.

The Slug belly was attached via velcro as it crosses over the zip and my son needs to be able to take the outfit off at school for bathroom breaks.

Finally, the shark and the dinosaur are heads.  I must have spent a good 5 days staring at the wording wondering how on earth I was going to do this, many options popped in my head, all as crazy as the last and finally I settled on purchasing "hand puppets" from Amazon - my most expensive purchase.

They were sprayed green and then sewn, using green embroidery thread, onto the shoulders of my son's jumpsuit!  This thing was so heavy in the end.

It took me up until the night before World Book Day - a whole month later - to complete this outfit, to the point my son was trying it on the night before and I was making finally alternations 12 hours before he was going to wear it!

I am so pleased with how it turned out but more so I was pleased with how happy my son was.  He thoroughly loved his outfit and had a great day.

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  1. How did I miss this one last year. What an absolutely fab WBD costume


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