Repurposing an old coat into a dog coat

I've had such fun with this!  I've tested myself to create this coat for my dog.  It involved adjusting the dog coat pattern I already owned and freestyling the coat based on the charity coat I bought.

Using an old coat to turn into a Dog Coat

My dog seems to be longer than the average dog pattern or dog coats sold!  I feel his pain, I have longer legs than "regular" and it can be a right pain when you find something you really like only for it to come up short!  That's what seemed to be happening with him.

So, in my mind, I figured I'd "just make him one".  This is something I'd done before for Arundawn dog rescue and had made fleece coats for their charity.  What I'd not done before is buy a second-hand coat and only use that fabric to make a new coat.

My first job was to adjust the pattern.  I cut out the original and placed the paper pattern on the dog and attempted to measure it against him.  He's a cockerpoo so of course, this didn't go well and he ended up getting Zoomies on!

I then used spare cloth as my template, I was going to skip this stage as I'm a bit impatient, but I'm glad I didn't as the measure was much more accurate and it helped me work out how to add the poppers from the original coat.

I also cut off the pocket from the original coat and placed this on the dog coat so it sits on his back, it's not intended for use, maybe to keep a spare poop bag, it's more for design effect.

Finally, I finished off "stretching outside my comfort zone" by adding a buttonhole for his harness hook to go through.  I totally messed this up the first time around so he's got two buttonholes.

The original coat had a hood, and I was very tempted to add this to my dog's coat, and although it would look good, practically he wouldn't like this at all.

I've placed the remaining sections of the original coat in my "scraps" pile that I use to fill draught excluders and as stuffing, and I've cut the zip off to use as part of a jumper cushion cover.

Nothing new, and repurposing what is already made.

Dog wearing a coat made from a coat

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