Turn your children in to Spy Ninjas this Easter

For all the Spy Ninja fans out there, now is the time to join the gang with their new Spy Ninja Recruitment Kit and help Chad, Vy, Daniel, Melvin and Regina defeat Project Zorgo

box cover of Spy Ninja Recruitment Kit

This little box of gadgets really packs a punch with everything you need to start your training to defeat Project Zorgo.

The Spy Ninja Recruitment Kit is an ideal gift this Easter to keep the children entertained over the holidays, with projects and tasks to set to keep them busy.

Mission Kit includes:

  • Spy gadgets such as a Secret Mission Pen, Ninja Noise Enhancer and a Decoder Wheel
  • Codebreaking Guide Activity Notebook, Evidence Detection Guide Activity Book, Spy Ninjas Notebook.
  • Accessories such as a Spy Ninja Membership ID Card, Spy Ninja Certificate of Achievement and Spy Ninja Decoder Card.

Why not make the Easter Egg hunt that bit more challenging this year with coded messages as to where the eggs are hidden, or write hidden messages with the spy pen on where to find them?

Decoder gadget from the spy ninja recruitment kit

Just be careful they don't have their noise enhancers in when you're planning the hunt.

Ear Piece from the spy Ninja Recruitment Kit

Along with the gadgets, the box also has some training manuals to work through, packed full of tasks to help train your new recruit, these booklets will keep them quiet, at least until the chocolate kicks in!

Training Manuel from the spy ninja recruitment kit

About the Spy Ninja Recruitment Kit

A brand new and exciting Toy Range has launched to help fans become new members of the Spy Ninjas and/or disguise themselves as Project Zorgo Team Members.  This activity pack will specifically focus on the New Recruit Mission Kit.  Inside the package, you will find important gadgets to help you track down the hackers and stop them by using your Spy Ninja skills

About The Spy Ninjas

Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Melvin and Regina collectively form the Spy Ninjas and their adventures can be discovered on their YouTube Channels.

Their missions take them on adventures to try and defeat Project Zorgo - the YouTube hacker group that believes YouTube has become too powerful and is a thread!

Will you be training your little Spy Ninjas this Easter?


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