What accessories do you need to take a Selfie

I was recently contacted by Cotton Bag Co, a lovely eco-aware company, telling me about their Selfie Bag, a great accessories bag for anyone wanting to improve their selfies, photos and memories.

Jute bag filled with Selfie accessories

The Jute Selfie Bag is a fantastic bag, I may be biased as I do love a nice bag!  This one is the ultimate accessory for you to carry your camera/phone accessories in, and there is plenty of room for more!

What's in a Jute Selfie Bag

  • Bluetooth tripod selfie stick: get the perfect angle with a Bluetooth selfie stick to connect to your phone. This selfie stick is perfect for group photos, holiday snaps and for when you want to get your whole outfit in the pic. 
  • Pocket for Selfie Stick: a handy pocket for that vital bit of kit….the selfie stick. 
  • Zip top: the whole bag has a zip across the top for added security so that you can be rest assured that nothing will come tumbling out.
  • Pop up reflector: to get the perfect lighting for your selfies we’ve included a pop-up reflector that comes tucked up in its own mini bag. 
  • LED ring light: if the reflector doesn’t quite cut it, then give the LED ring light a go. This ring light handily attaches to the top of your phone, plus it comes with a lead to charge and has 3 settings so you’re sure to get just the perfect lighting.

It's a great pack, complete with a pamphlet that gives you tips on how to use each of the accessories and for £27.95 this is a great package for those who love to take pictures, share on social media or just want to get some great shots of the world around us.

What's more, the Jute Selfie Bag is not the only product from Cotton Bag Co, there is also a great range of other canvas bags to purchase.  

For me, this is a brand I can get behind, their ethics, social compliance and environmental policies are easy to find on their home page and are clearly making steps in the right direction.

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