Pen and Sword Books launch Crafting Series

Pen and Sword Books have recently launched a new crafting series on their website.

For those who don't know, Pen and Sword Books is established as one of the UK's leading military history publishers. Over recent years Pen and Sword have continued to grow and has added new imprints to its core area of military history.

In 2017, a new lifestyle imprint named White Owl was launched, which publishes books on areas such as health and diet, hobbies and sport, gardening and wildlife and space.

I have had a look at their crafting section, and in my opinion, there are some great titles and types of crafting to get your hands on.  

Here is my top five crafting titles on Pen and Sword's website:

There are lots of great reads available and I have been fortunate enough to receive Simply Sustainable Beauty.  It is filled with beauty recipes that you can make yourself, and I have already made my own facial cleanser.


  1. Needle felting - so many craft books I'd love

  2. I think Bookbinding and How to Bring Old Books Back to Life looks interesting. Thanks for running the giveaway :)

  3. Kim MurrayApril 02, 2022

    Floral Embroidery looks lovely x


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