Live Like a Hunter Gatherer - New Childrens Book

Live like a Hunter Gatherer is a new children's book by Naomi Walmsley written in an exciting way to help children discover the secrets of the Stone Age.
An informative and immersive guide to the Stone Age, written by a real-life hunter-gatherer!

We studied the Stone Age during the lockdown and it was one of my son's favourite topics.  From making his own caveman drawings to building huts from twigs in the garden, this was a great subject to cover stuck at home.

My 8 year old making a hunt for the Stone Age Topic

Reading through Live like a Hunter Gatherer, Mia Underwood has created some beautiful illustrations to accompany the book and would be a great addition to any primary school child learning about the Stone Age.

The book shows you how you can create your own cave art, how to create an arrowhead from a piece of slate and the one we will be trying next, how to make a fat lamp.

Inside the Live Like a Hunter Gatherer Book

About the Book: Live Like a Hunter Gatherer

In Live Like a Hunter Gatherer you find out how they lived, what a typical day was like, what medicine they used and even how they had fun. 

Marking the start of all human history, the Stone Age lasted around 3.5 million years (the last part of that was only 71 grandparents ago!).  Delve into that incredible time with this book packed full of amazing facts, information, crafts, storytelling and myth debunking to find out what it was really like to live as a hunter-gatherer. 

Dotted through the book are step-by-step craft activities and recipes that give you first-hand experience of some vital Stone Age skills – making an A-frame shelter, filtering water and boiling it using hot rocks, making cave art, fat lamps, a basket and stone tools.  

A fictional tribe member pops up throughout the book to tell us about her life, describing the sights, sounds, smells and emotions she experiences.  The safety of a warm cave with flickering firelight and other tribe members nearby, the gnawing feeling of hunger when food is scarce and the excited relief when a deer is hunted

About the author: Naomi Walmsley 

Naomi Walmsley runs Outback2Basics with her partner Dan Westall from their patch of woodland in Shropshire, UK.  Specialising in bushcraft and Stone Age skills, they provide unique experiences for school children and teachers to connect to nature. 

Naomi is a qualified bushcraft instructor and Forest School Leader and believes that every child should be able to safely light a fire and have at least ten uses for a stick by the age of ten.  

She has also written for many magazines, including Bushcraft and Survival Skills, Living Woods and Juno.  So passionate are they about the Stone Age way of life, that they have actually lived and breathed it for themselves.  Naomi and Dan undertook a five-month Stone Age immersion experience in the US in 2010, living in the wilderness without any modern equipment, profoundly influencing their lives and teaching. 

They also appeared in Channel 4’s fascinating documentary Surviving the Stone Age in 2020.  A three-part series filmed in Bulgaria with six other Stone-Age experts living as a tribe of hunter gatherers for one month.

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