Can you escape from the new downloadable escape room kits?

Last year I wrote about Epic Escapes Games and their great triple themed escape package.  Now, there is a new set of games by the makes to challenge, confuse and test your observation knowledge, with a difference.

It's Printable.

Scallywag Escape Game ad

It turns out I'm not that good at these puzzles, and always need help. Thankfully, Epic Escapes offers this help, which can be viewed or downloaded along with the game.

As with all games, we had to work out the 4 digit code to open the safe and workout the location.  To find out if you've got the code correct you have to enter this on the Epic Escapes website, and only the correct combination will let you open the next screen.

Final screen from the Scallywag escape game

I ended up needing more help than I care to admit, but then, Scallywag is classed as an Intermediate game, so I now don't feel so bad.

How Printable Escape Room Works

When you purchase the Printable Escape Room, you are sent a link to print out all the clues. This works for me as I can spread it all out and we, as a family, can pick up pieces individually or work as a team.  It will work reading from a tablet, but not as well as you do need to refer to more than one printout at a time to get a code.

Print outs that come with the Scallywag escape game

Once you have all the pages spread out it is a case of working through the clues to come up with the digits and location.  

It took us around 45 minutes to complete this task, but I have to admit, we did spend the first 15 minutes reading and staring at the papers.

My 10-year-old working out Scallywag escape game

The game retails at £14.97 and is a lovely way to spend time as a family unless you have members who like to hog all the clues and solve everything themselves. This may or may not have happened to us.

For those who love escape rooms, and read this blog post within 30 days of its release, you have the chance to download the game for free!  Just follow this link, which is specific to me and the game is free for the next 30 days!  How cool is that!!

If you do download this game, please come back and let me know what you think.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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