Beautiful 'Just to Say' Gifts from Cotton & Grey

Cotton and Grey have come up with a really beautiful gift package, one for yourself or a loved one to help with relaxation and mindfulness.

Thinking of You gift set from Cotton and Grey

Their twenty-minute candles were born after a friend of theirs was struggling in lockdown.  Thanks to these beautiful Beeswax Candles and affirmation cards, this helped her to relax and restore her wellbeing.  I think this is wonderful and the best kind of why a business is born.

The slim beeswax candles are amazing.  Small in size, these are perfect for a twenty-minute meditation or to sit and just be.  The candles are made of 100% beeswax which when lit, gives off a slight aroma of honey and come with their own dinky candle holder

Beeswax candles which burn for 20 minutes

The company has various options to choose from to go with the candles, such as Thinking of You, Mummy Time, and Bathtime to name a few, there is also the option for bespoke gifts to be made up.

My thoughts on the Beeswax Candles Gift

I love that these are letterbox in size. That the candles are made from beeswax and come with their own little holder.

Although small in size, this gift packs a punch with a message of love and care.  I love using my candles and will definitely put a smile on the recipient's face.

Costing £14.50 from Cotton and Grey website, this is a good price for a very thoughtful present.

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  1. Aww! What a lovely gift, so thoughtful. The candles burning for 20 minutes sound great for when you need some time out. x


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