Review of the Hoover H-Power 300

Over the past three weeks, I have been testing out Hoover's H-Power 300 pets and allergy vacuum cleaner.

About the Hoover H-Power 300

The Hoover H-POWER 300 was released in 2022 and is the successor to their previous cylinder model, the "Optimum Power" and now has a new efficient 850W motor (150W more than the previous), a 2-litre easy-to-empty bin, a pet brush included with the pet models and an improved nozzle for carpets and all floors.

The pets model also uses silver ion technology which stops the growth of bacteria on the inside.

We have been kindly gifted this model by

Review of the Hoover H-Power 300 Vacuum Cleaner

I tend to favour the upright vacuum cleaners as a rule, mainly because I find stooping over for any length of time is a strain on my back due to my scoliosis.   That said, I am always willing to try a cylinder vacuum cleaner and am pleased this one is light to travel around the house with me.

The contents are easy enough to fit together, but there is also a pictorial user manual should you need it.  It illustrates how each piece comes together.  I did find the primary hose attachment to the unit a bit weak.  One big pull on the H-POWER 300 to get it to catch up to me in the hall caused the tubing to pop out!  This only happened once, so it is possible I may not have put it together correctly.

The suction on this vacuum is far greater than my current cleaner and when you don't get the setting quite right on the nozzle it will try and pull up the carpet/rug - which it did with ease on me.  I found getting the correct settings for each room a bit time-consuming, as I usually want to whizz around the house regardless of my floor coverings!  

Once you get the hang of what settings each room needs (if your floor coverings are all different) it becomes second nature to change the nozzle on the front.

The bin is easy to remove and empty, possibly one of the easiest ones I've used and can be washed out well due to the shape. 

There is an attachment ideal for cleaning the stairs, ceiling corners and inside the car.  This attachment is stored neatly away at the back of the unit.

The Hoover H-Power 300 is a good compact vacuum cleaner, lightweight and easy to use.  

The only issue I have is the design of the main nozzle.  I don't feel it picks up completely.  I know it has good suction, I saw it take up the carpet but I have threads around the house from the dog chewing toys and my craft room.  It took several attempts to get the cleaner to pick these up.

In fact, I found the best way to vacuum up these pieces is to move the H-POWER 300 towards me as I cleaned, rather than push it away and then back again.  It only seemed to want to pick up bits of thread and lint pieces if I lifted the nozzle off the floor and dragged it towards me.

I did change over to the pet nozzle, but this is designed for "off the floor" vacuuming such as furniture.  The pet nozzle does work very well.  The nozzle does not bend and therefore can not be used on the floor in the same way as the main nozzle.  

Overall with a current cost of £149, this is a good price for a vacuum cleaner that has a long reach, is compact when stored away and has a powerful suction.

You can purchase the vacuum cleaner from Hover Direct.

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