Eco-friendly pencils that can be planted

I don't know about anyone else, but pencils in my household either disappear, congregate in the "pencil" drawer, not an official drawer, but they've taken over, or are thrown out.
Plant Your Pencil Options

Sprout Pencils have come up with the answer to our need for buying new pencils when we don't really need them - plant our used ones!

I am so in love with this idea, I don't want to purchase any other pencils from now on!

What are Sprout Pencils?

Sprout Pencils are 100% natural pencils that can be planted and grown into flowers, vegetables and edible herbs after use.  

Sprout pencils are zero-waste, biodegradable and made from 100% natural materials including sustainably harvested cedar wood, graphite and clay.

It’s a clever little invention that sprouts into plants, herbs, flowers and trees.  Instead of throwing it away like a traditional pencil, flip it around, stick it into damp soil and in 1-2 weeks, the old pencil will have sprouted into plants – literally giving new life to old waste.

Pencils in an old Kettle

These pencils have really been thought out.  If you want to look after the bees, you can purchase the "Happy Bee" edition which has wildflower seeds in patented non-toxic capsules.

The "Mindful Thoughts" edition is the set that I was given and has motivational quotes on the pencils along with details of what herb/flower is in the seed capsule.

There are other options to choose from on Sprout's website or their Amazon page and the packs are currently around £8.99 per pack of 5.
Pencils with seeds in capsules

So much more than just a pencil

These pencils are not just writing tools.  The motivation and positivity quotes on the pencils help with mindset, the seeds help with creating budding gardeners, and keep the children's interest in seeds and growing plants.  They also act as an educational tool for us to our children as to the importance of helping our bees, helping our planet and being a little more eco-conscious.

A little help goes a long way.

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