How to encourage children to cook

I can not recommend Esther Coombs cookery books for children enough!  My son, who is aged 10, uses these books regularly and was very excited to review the latest in the series Kids Can Cook Vegetarian.
Kids Can Cook Vegetarian Cook book by Esther Coombs
ISBN 9781787081185 - RRP £14.99 - September 2022
His signature rainbow cake, which he bakes for school fundraising events, was born from his Kids Can Bake book. 

Esther has done it again with Kids Can Cook Vegetarian.  Packed full of easy-to-follow recipes such as Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Bean Burgers, Mixed Bean Chilli and Butternut Squash Cookies to name just a few of the mouth-watering ideas.

My son has earmarked Veggie Nuggets and Breakfast Burritos to make next.  The first recipe he chose was Banana Pancakes.  The first batch he cooked was with guidance from me, and I have to say they were delicious!  He made the next batch with his dad and was showing him how to make them!  Another signature dish under his belt.

Whipping Up some Banana Pancakes

These books are brilliant for getting children involved and interested in cooking.

Lightweight, hardback books with easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations mean the children can pick these books up, flick through them and choose what they want to make.   

This can be a good few hours spent learning life skills from reading the recipe to see what ingredients are required, checking the cupboards to see what items need to be purchased and a trip to the shops/local farmers market to purchase what is needed, then back home for cooking.

I love these days with my son.  I make no secret of the fact I'm not a cook (but not to him), so I learn a little too and best of all, we're making memories.


  1. What a great range of books. Your son sounds fantastic in the kitchen. That cake is amazing! I tried to make one like it years ago and it was a disaster. lol Cooking is a great life skill so the earlier you start teaching them the better. x

  2. Thanks Kim. He certainly doesn't get his skills from me. I'm not cook either. But he loves have a go at cooking.


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