How to create a Spiderman themed clock

There are some great craft shops both brick and mortar and online and when you find one that has wooden craft projects, snap them up.

These make great projects for cold winter days, warm sunny picnic days and everything in between.

creating a spider-man clock

These are such quick and easy crafts to make with children and this one was the first clock we made, we are now on Dr Who and Among Us, and this little one has been donated on to another little boy who is a big Marvel Fan.

Keep any wrapping paper, cards or comics which feature "the theme of the moment".  These can then be used to cover the clock face.

Numbers can be handwritten, typed and printed out or even symbols used as numbers, there really are no rules - other than maybe having 12 images rather than 15 or 21, you know how wild children's imaginations can be.

Not only is this a great activity, but will also help younger children learn to read an analogue clock, even if it means half Spiderman past Thor.

For slightly older children why not pop into a charity shop and see what clocks they have on offer. Remember, we don't have to settle for the clock face decor, so long as the parts are working, take the clock apart and cover the face in a new theme as above.  I would recommend taking photos as you go along, as I've never been great at putting components back together again!

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