Are there sustainable toys?

Wiltopia is the first product range from PLAYMOBIL to be made from an average of over 80% sustainable material.
Seal and Polar Bear from the Wiltopia Playmobil Range

PCR plastic (i.e. plastic that has already been used by consumers and then fed back into the recycling loop), as well as bio-based plastics, are used.  Discarded recyclables are given a new life and provide the source of material for a colourful and extraordinary play theme. 

I find the whole Wiltopia range absolutely gorgeous!  The storyline behind Wiltopia is a play set all about growing up in a world where animals and nature are respected and protected and what better way to ensure this feeds through into our real lives than our children learning through play.

Building Wiltopia Tree House with Playmobil
What Playmobil is trying to achieve is to share and spread knowledge of our beautiful planet.  There are animal sets from all over the world to collect and along with the set is a knowledge card and a QR code to learn more from a child-friendly audio clip.

There are products for all price ranges with individual animal packs from under £10, which also have a knowledge card, the animal and accessories.  There are also full sets such as the treehouse which contains a lot of accessories, people, animals and nature products, to construct and play with.

The sets also don't need to be a static playset, the trees can have many or no branches, the accessories are not fixed so can be moved around as well as the characters and animals.

What is noticeable with all the Playmobil products is the quality.  These are well made, bright and sturdy, so not only are Playmobil trying to make more eco-friendly products with recycled plastics, but they are then made to last and will more than likey be handed down and donated rather than break and bin.

The Playmobil  Wiltopia range can be purchased on their website or from all good toy stores.

Pros: Sustainable, durable, toys
Cons: None

5/5 Stars from the RachaelJess Family

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