Blaze Giga Bot Energy Core Toy Review

Blaze!  Malicious, unstable and the "Leader of the Scourage" was no match for my 10-year-old son this week when he pulled the energy core apart and used that and the components inside to build this baddie!

Energy Core Packaging of Blaze

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, Blaze is part of an action, construction toy called Giga Bots and these energy cores transform into 13" figures using the core itself as the body and limbs and the remaining pieces stored inside the core make up the finer parts of the bot.

Blaze Giga Bot Energy Core contents

What are Giga Bots

The energy core transforms into an amazing 13-inch Giga Bot action figure.  Each one contains 33 pieces and is built using snap-in connectors.  The entire case of the energy core is used in the build and serves as a great storage unit.  

The Giga Bots are fully poseable and can be made into a variety of poses.  

Blaze: known as “Leader of the Scourage” wields a fission blaster and lava sword.  Blaze is malicious, unstable, and will stop at nothing to find and consume pure energy! 

Fully constructed Giga Bot - Blaze

Our thoughts on Blaze and the Giga Bots

I like the fact there is minimal plastic package with these toys.  The outer packaging is mainly cardboard with plastic covering the energy core.  Big bonus for me.

My son loves the size of this bot, and how flexible he is to move, he also likes that he can "bash him around" without worrying about damaging the toy.  I'm sure I went white at this comment, but he did explain that if he is to battle the other bots they will need to clash and bang into each other.  So he's clearly thought about this.

He didn't use all the red cables to connect Blaze together, but I believe this is because he did struggle with snapping in some of the main components and just wanted to play with it rather than add the finer details.  If he doesn't use them, there is a danger these will go and live with the single socks and never be seen again.

Constructing Blaze Giga Bot

Overall, a good toy that has the potential to entertain a child for as long as they want to play.  It may need assistance from a parent/carer with the assembly and disassembly of the snap-on pieces, are these are a tight fit.

I also don't advise constructing this on the sofa as my son did, as several pieces rolled off down the back of the sofa, but he wouldn't be told.

Pros & Cons

Pro: Pausable, can be moved and placed in many different positions.
Con: Connection pieces can be tough to click into place.

There are six 13" Giga Bots to collect and two 14" Giga Bot Beasts - Torbot and Araknix.  The Giga Bots are available at Smyths Toys and Amazon and currently retail at £14.99

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