Award Winning Portable Water Fountain

I fell in love with Hydria's all-in-one water fountain when I saw them being demonstrated at the recent Blogon event

This fantastic compact fountain is designed to be used indoors or out, is portable and uses innovative technology.

What caught my attention is how versatile it is for crafty people and how it can be changed to suit personalities, seasons and homes.

For example, the unit is placed in a pot of your choosing.  As I didn't want to buy new, I had a look around my local charity shop and bought (what I think is) a fruit bowl.  As we are in the winter season I also bought a white neck warmer and covered the bowl with it, creating a new fountain bowl with a Scandi feel.

Who is Hydria

Hydria is the world's first all-in-one water fountain kit that fits any planter or pot.  With no solar panels, no cords and no hassle - simply charge, plant and play.

The rechargeable hydria water fountain kit offers unlimited versatility in an easy-to-use design allowing you to create a unique oasis of calm and well-being quickly and easily, indoors or out, day or night.

Unlike other complex garden fountains, with Hydria you can have fun creating your own amazing water feature and change its look whenever you want, enhancing your creation with pebbles, glass beads and other unique accents.

The hydria can run for up to 2 months on a single charge.  Just place the hydria kit in your pot or container and enjoy the multiple options for fountain height, timer, and light colours.

As winner of Product of the Year during its 2022 debut at Glee - the UK's biggest garden and leisure show- Hydria is now set for the Christmas gift season with an attractive range of seasonal accessories.

Fountains are often featured in Feng Shui designs to promote positive energy, and can also also be used as natural sleeping aids. * 

Because the Hydria fountain is portable, whatever your needs are, I'm pretty confident Hydria will be able to cover them.

Where to buy Hydria Fountains

The Hydria Fountain Kit is available from for £199.99, but if you use my discount code- RACHAEL- you will be able to purchase this award-winning fountain for a discounted rate of £149.99

As we are huge Lego fans and possibly own as much Lego as any Lego store, I'm hoping to change up the fountain after Christmas with a Lego theme - watch this space. 

Pros:    Compact, Portable and Easy to Use
Con:    Takes a little while to fully charge

This is a wonderful product, and I would give it 5-star rating.

Hydria Fountain - 5 out of 5 Star Rating

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  1. Wow that is nice. Never thought about getting a fountain, but I bet it is relaxing just watching it


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