Lands' End Clothing products and working on Sustainability

When I was recently contacted by Lands' End clothing, the first thing I did was review their sustainability policy on their website.  If there is nothing obvious on a website, we have to wonder why!

What is lovely about Lands' End is not only do they have a Sustainability Mission but also several blog posts on the site regarding sustainability, from how they are making steps forward, what to look out for regarding sustainable clothing and why you should care about sustainable shopping.

Lands' End Box

Lands' End clothing is all about comfort.  I received the Cashmere Hoodie and it did not disappoint.  Not the usual type of hoodie that I would wear, it is very thin in comparison and more in the style of a cardigan than a hoodie, but best of all, when you put this on it is so light it feels like wearing nothing.

For me, keeping warm at home doesn't mean just putting a jumper on, it's about layering up, and the Lands' End Hoodie is the perfect addition.

I am loving how soft and light this top is and that the length of the arms fit me!  Being fairly tall, I tend to have issues with the length of some clothes, but this fits perfectly on, and I will definitely be looking at Lands' End in the future as a place to shop.

Cashmere Hoodie from Lands' End clothing

About Lands' End

Since 1963, they have pioneered the creation of beautiful clothing and footwear for all the family.  Combing understated elegance and practical features with the ultimate in comfort – in sizes Petite 8 to Plus 30. 

Lands' End makes “Sunday comfort” part of your every day.  Comfort is in softer, stronger fabrics that work for you.  Comfort is a great fit for every body.  Comfort is a friendly call with one of their helpful agents or a fast and easy experience on the website.  Comfort is knowing they are here to help with whatever you need.  Comfort at Lands’ End is for everywhere, and with every wear.

What do you think? 

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