Bright and Bold Naylor Activity Tunnels

I must admit, activity tunnels had not really been on my radar when purchasing toy equipment.  What a wasted opportunity that was!

Bright Pink Naylor Kids Play Tunnel

Naylor Activity tunnels were at the latest BlogOn event showcasing their bright, robust activity tunnels, and I have to say, I've really been missing a trick here!

Children love adventure, mine included, and this is exactly what Naylor tunnels provide. With limitless imagination, your children are transported to new and amazing worlds at the end of their secret tunnels, or just the idea of rolling around inside a brightly coloured cocoon like a butterfly (absolutely my idea of fun).

Inside a Naylor Play Tunnel

About Naylor Activity Tunnels

Naylor activity tunnels are independently tested.  They fully meet the requirements of European Child Safety Standard EN71.  

EN71 / European Product Safety standard applies to all toys sold in the European Union. EN 71, is also a part of the CE directive. 

Kids of all ages will enjoy crawling through strong, bright tunnels.  Made from flame retardant, medium-weight PVC material the tunnels are easy to set up and quickly fold away for convenient storage. 

The activity play tunnels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. 
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight – concertina down for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible
Folded Tunnel from Naylor activity tunnel

Our thoughts on Naylor Kids Activity Tunnels

The vibrant colour is the first thing we noticed when opening our package.  Naylor activity tunnels really has thought about the children, we know they love colour and brightness, and that certainly does come through with these tunnels. 

The tunnel opens out remarkably well considering the thickness and durability of the plastic. The light shines through so there is no feeling of claustrophobia.

Mostly though, it is bags of fun!  Even with us adults, we couldn't resist having a go too!

Feet sticking out the tunnel

Pros: Bright, durable fun for young children.

Con: None

The Rachael Jess Family gives Naylor Kids Play Tunnels 5 out 5 Stars

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  1. This looks like great fun for little one's. My girls had one when they were younger and loved it. x


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