Review of Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures

Over the past month, my son and I have been reading Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures.

Publishers: Silverwood Books / ISBN: 978-1-80042-197-4 / RRP: £22.99

Bobby and Bubba are two British bulldog brothers who spend their time in Chelsea and Warwickshire.  The book has 15 chapters that are short stories of what happens in a day in their lives.

The book is beautifully written and many dog owners will be able to relate to so many of their antics.  To me, this is the demographic who will really enjoy this book and those who follow Bobby and Bubba on social media.

It has been suggested that the book is for children of all ages, but I do not feel this is a book for primary school aged children (those under the age of 11).

While some children may have an advanced vocabulary - phrases such as "... only to be drowned out by Andrea's juicier epithets... " and "Joie de vivre" will more than likely have the storyteller interrupted by children as they ask for clarification.

Not to mention more adult words such as "Fag-ends", "finger in the air" and "bugger off" would not make it into my son's school library.

For younger children, I wouldn't be a fan of reading /  or having them read some of these adventures, such as the dogs finding a dead rabbit.  Thinking about my child, he was a big Peter Rabbit fan a few years back, and this would have upset him, especially if he thought the dogs were in danger with the snake as well.

Some of the stories have a "moral to the story" or "thoughts" at the end of the tale and this does remind me of Aesop's Fables.

All that being said, my 11-year-old thoroughly enjoyed the stories and now, having read about the dogs, he also enjoys watching out for them both on Instagram.

Pros: Short stories, ideal for those with short attention spans

Cons: Some language used is not suitable for younger children

Maxwell (aged 11) gives Bobby & Bubba's Small Adventures 4 out of 5 

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