7 Valentine crafts to make with the children

They say it's the thought that counts when giving someone a present.  Not a truer word has been spoken, especially when making one of the following gifts for your loved ones this Valentine's Day with a little help from the children.
Making Valentine Crafts with Children

I've listed my top Seven Valentine crafts that can easily be done with the children, and let's face it, children do love to express their feelings through art.

1. Decorating wooden blocks.

I thought I'd incorporate a bit of recycling with this project, and found some odd batten pieces in the shed that would make perfect little Valentine home decor blocks.  ......read more.
Making Love Blocks

2. Superhero Heart Mobiles

When the comic book has come to the end of its useful life for your child, you can always create a heart mobile .... read more
Creating Heart Mobiles from Comic Books

3. Heart-Shaped Bird Feeders

I thought it would be nice to make heart-shaped feeders to complement Valentine's day. .... read more
Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

4. Valentine Crafts with Jam Jars

There are lots of options with Jam Jars, so much so, I've written 5 of them here.
Jam Jar crafts

5. Adding a little colour to wooden decor pieces

My local B&Q has some great wicker hearts for £1 .....read more 
Painting up Heart Shaped wicker pieces

6. Making Lego Heart shapes

How to make a Lego Heart shape .....read more
Lego Heart

7.  Sweetie Cones

This one is probably for the adults or children who like to use a sewing machine but would need supervision. ..... read more

Enjoy sharing the love everyone.


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  1. Great round up. You are so talented at craftwork. Very inspiring


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