Now What: Education, Career and Life Choices

Amazon bestselling author Edd Williams has written Now What? Education, career and life choices.

Now What? is a reference book and guide offering practical advice to teenagers as they approach key decisions regarding their future.

The book is a great unbias view on what teenagers need to know when they leave school, and how to adapt and embrace the post-Covid world.

One of the reasons why this book works so well is it concise, filled with interviews and most importantly, the sections end with keynotes, a summary of what has just been read.  

The book is filled with information on how to prepare for interviews, what you should be aiming to get out of work experience and the importance of goal setting.

A host of tools to arm our next generation making their way in a post-covid world.  

The book is jam-packed with information and not something that can be read in an afternoon, it's ideal to have as a coffee table book and for all in the home to work their way through.   I will be working through this book, and as my son gets older I will be directing him here too.

Empowering students to embrace opportunities and achieve their goals.

For further information and reviews on Edd's new book, check out the Twitter and blog accounts from his Book Tour.

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