How to make Quick and Easy Draught Excluders for doorways

Even though sewing is my hobby, I appear to accumulate quite a lot of spare/scrap material.  I use what I can as dusters or cloths for cleaning and larger pieces I put up on the local FreeUp / Olio site to see if others want them, but what I've also found is these pieces are great as stuffing and for making draught excluders.

Not a home decor piece that I've had to have in my last couple of homes, but the house we currently live in is draughty and you can feel the cold air around your feet.  So with my spare fabric, I made some quick and easy draught excluders for both the back and front doors.

These are very simple to make and can be made either by machine or hand sewn.

Measure the length of the door where the gap/draught is.  I used approximately 20cm for the width.  You can either use up scraps to make this length, use two pieces of fabric for a change on each side, patchwork or one long piece in half, there are so many options.

Once you have your fabric cut to size, sew three of the four sides leaving one edge open to transfer the fabric inside out.

Fill up with toy stuffing and cut-up pieces of fabric and you have a quick and easy draught excluder for this winter.

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