Which Encyclopedia books are best for children

Factology books for children.  Hardback, fun, easy to read and brightly coloured books for children to want to pick and learn from.

This brand new Factology book series has just added a further three books to the existing four.

Factology Books Romans, Dinosaurs and AI Robots

September 2023 / HB / RRP £12.99 / For kids aged 8 - 12

  • Fast-paced and fun introductions to each subject.
  • Explaining key concepts and highlighting significant events.
  • Clear, accessible and entertaining.
  • Over 500 illustrations including maps, timelines, and stunning statistics.

Factology: Space

This astronomical science guide explores the further reaches of outer space, including our solar system and galaxy, the secrets of stars and black holes, the history of human space travel and lots more.

Factology: The Human Body

This book takes us on a tour of the world's most incredible living machine, the human body!  With a fascinating science guide exploring the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, as well as vital organs from the heart to the brain and the secrets behind how the senses work.

Factology: Bugs

Discover how for 400 million years bugs have thrived on Earth.  Explore the evolution of insects, their life cycles, special skills, habitats and the importance for the wellbeing of our entire planet.  This one comes with an added bonus of how to make bug hotels.

Factology: Ancient Egypt

Visually stunning history guide introducing the Egyptian gods and pharaohs.  The mysteries of mummification, the great pyramids, the language of hieroglyphics and a treasure trove of trivia.

Factology: Robots & AI

We plug in and explore a dawning digital age of sophisticated robots and advanced AI.  This science guide looks at the key questions and innovations around robotics and AI.
Cover of the Roman Factology Book

Factology: Dinosours

Dinosaurs unearth a bygone world beyond imagination and allow readers to come face to face with dinosaurs that once ruled the planet.  Learn about dinosaur feathers, fossilised poo and what beast's bones were mistaken for those of a human giant.

Cover of the Dinosaur Factology Book

Factology: Romans

Travel through time to explore one of history's most stupendous superpowers.

Cover of Roman Factology Book


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