Paladone Triplits Board Game Review

Are you a quick thinker or do you panic when faced with a timer?  

I'm the latter and behave like I have no words inside my brain, a brain that is just demanding my eyes to watch the sands of time disappear, while my 12-year-old son is on a roll guessing every word in the dictionary, at least that is what it feels like! 

What am I talking about?  Triplits!  Thank you Paladone and your word-challenging game.

Triplits Board Game from Paladone

I have to admit, this is going to make a great family board game this Christmas.  

I read the instructions and made more of a meal out of them than is needed!   Basically, you have a card, you choose 1 of the 3 words on the card and you have to describe that word with 3 different words for your opponents to guess.
Triplits Cards

It really is that simple, but, there are restrictions.

As with the Farplace board game, you have the rules on cards as well as the instruction pamphlet (which is actually different, so we used the cards!).  So with the restrictions to hand, you roll the dice and this decides how you describe your word.

Triplits Restrictions Cards

With your restriction and your word your opponents have 1 minute to guess your word, you will find several ways to emphasise each of your new words while trying to keep your mouth shut and not use other words.

Triplits Rules

When you guess it correctly you get a token.  The game can last as long as you want, I believe the box states around an hour, but that's not happening in our house.

If you have friends and family who like word play then this is the game for you.

The game can currently be purchased from Next for £20.

Inside Triplits Board Game

Pros:  The game can last as long as you want

Cons:  May cause disagreements - but nothing like Monopoly standards.

Rachael Jess gives Triplits 4 out of 5 Stars.
Losing a mark for restriction rules on the instruction pamphlet being different to the handy cards.

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