UK Based Christmas Gift Guide

When I visited the Top Drawer exhibition there were some really lovely products on display, and I want and probably will buy most of the following list for my friends and family this year.

I have also included various games and products that I have either received or bought and feel that these too would make superb, unique gifts with the added bonus of all the following products being UK-based.

1. Turtle Bags 

From bags to baskets, to beeswax and Christmas decorations, there is something for everyone at Turtle Bags which is leading the way for eco and sustainable goods.  They have everything that I need to continue my journey to try and live a sustainable life.

2. Och Vegan Cosmetics

OchVegan was at the Spring/Summer Top Drawer event, and the soaps we tried were gorgeous!  I love the ethos behind OchVegan and not least of all, the scents.  These will make a fantastic gift for your loved ones and give you a warm feeling inside knowing that you are helping a small UK-based company as well as giving a sustainable, eco-friendly product.  I can't recommend these enough.

3. Beeswax Candles

Cotton and Grey have come up with a really beautiful gift package, one for your friends and loved ones to really enjoy and help with relaxation and mindfulness.

Their twenty-minute candles were born after a friend of theirs was struggling in lockdown. Thanks to these beautiful Beeswax Candles and affirmation cards, this helped her to relax and restore her well-being. I think this is wonderful and the best kind of why a business is born.

4.  Happy Little Doers

I met Kate at the show, the founder of Happy Little Doers and her passion for these flashcards and games is contagious.  Born in lockdown, these flashcards are designed to help children learn through play.

Great size for small hands, wipeable cards, and bright and colourful there is nothing about these cards that I don't love, and just wish they were around when my son was small.  

If you have friends and family with little ones, or just want them for yourselves this is a wonderful gift.

The cards are for children of all ages.  I'm looking at purchasing the new Junior Baker Money Maker, where you get recipe cards, a shopping list and to cost of what you've made.  How amazing is that!  The Junior Baker Money Maker cards can be purchased for just under £13 directly from the website.

5. Pocket Mountains

I fell in love with all of these at the show.  I want to buy them all and spend the rest of my weekends going out on walks following the guides and exploring the UK, but in reality, I'll settle for the south coast books.  

These books are not copied from other sites, books, or ideas.  These are unique!  The writers have walked these walks.  What a superb gift for someone who has everything, or someone who loves to go for walks.

These books can be purchased directly from Pocket Mountain's website for under £10.

6. Messiah and Eve

When I met Sarah at the show, she told me all about Messiah and Eve body lotion, and how these rather smooth and enriching lotions are made with sustainability in mind.  Messiah and Eve have won the Gold Beauty Award 2022 for best new British brand, and it's easy to see why.  

The lotions range from body cleansers, hand wash, and bath oil emulsion to body serum all in bottles and caps made from 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable and reusable.  

These award-winning, genderless, Vegan products are available on Messiah and Eve website and range from £17 to the £38 gift sets.

7. Seedball

Rewild your garden with these seed balls.  An ideal present for those who love nature, want to help the wildlife and those who love gardening.  These seed ball gifts can be purchased directly from the website and range in value for all budgets.

8.    Pikki Bored box

Pikkii designs gifts that bring people closer together. Meaningful gifts and fun games that bring joy and laughter, make emotional connections and create special memories.
For just £10.99 you can purchase the Bored Box - you are getting 101 activities to do with your children, from making Play-Doh to building matchstick houses, from looking for fairy rings to making paper planes. All cards explain what materials are needed (where necessary) and instructions.

9. Perfectly Planned Planners

I love a spiral-bound planner, so this is already a winner for me!  Carrie & CO's planner has a pocket in the front, a year in review to see how far you've come, goals for this year, quarterly plans, followed by monthly plans.  This is the ultimate planner for your entrepreneurs, business-minded friends and family and anyone wanting to organise their plans!  I love it.

10.   Gin in a Tin

For all those Gin lovers out there, what are your thoughts on these tins?  I am not a gin drinker, but I do love the containers, and these come with the option to be personalised.  

Gin in a Tin can be purchased directly from their website, with various options available and the Festive Gin Tin pictured below is currently priced at £35.

11.    Farplace Board Game

Farplace board game is inspired by the charity of the same name.  It's a relatively quick game that can last between 30 - 60 minutes and will give you a little insight into what the charity needs to complete in order to release/rehome an animal.

The object of the game is to complete actions to then be able to release the animals on your cards.  You move around the board based on the release of the animals and the winner is the animal meeple that crosses over the finish line first.

12.     Lands End clothing

What is lovely about Lands' End clothing is not only do they have a Sustainability Mission but also several blog posts on the site regarding sustainability, from how they are making steps forward, what to look out for regarding sustainable clothing and why you should care about sustainable shopping.  Ticking many boxes for me, their clothing is also extremely comfortable with a luxurious feel.

13.     Honeybuns Gluten-free cakes

Honeybuns is based in Dorest and delivers to the UK, with a fantastic sustainable ethos, Honeybuns is a new favourite go-to for gifts.

These taster boxes are one of Honeybuns' best sellers and can be purchased from their website for £22 plus delivery. All who have received these from us have loved them!

Happy Shopping everyone.

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