The must have family board game of 2024

Do you enjoy the new Ant & Dec quiz show Limitless?  Well, the show has now been turned into a family board game for 2024 and it has not disappointed!!

Limitless Win Board Game

Thanks to Ginger Fox, we have been playing Limitless Win for the past fortnight and I love it almost as much as the TV Game show, if not a bit more competitive and stressful!

Oh, we all shout the answers at the TV don't we, sitting on our sofa convinced, and rightly so, when we know an answer and marvel at why the contestants are second guessing themselves - well let me tell you - it's pressure!

We have a 30-second timer on our phones when we play this game and it appears I can ramble for that long without even giving an answer!  Who knew!

Ginger Fox has totally captured the vibe of the show and managed to bring it to life for us all to experience, argue, cry and win over.  Sounds like the perfect Christmas Day game to me!
Inside Limitless Win Board Game

So what's in the Limitless Win Game Box?

It's a rather clever design with how the Limitless Win ladder has been made into a poster of sorts, which you hang on the wall - or in our case - remove the current canvas that lives there.

Limitless Win Ladder and contents

There are two score trackers for the two teams, along with instructions and website links to help, or you can do what we seem to do with every game and wing it to how we think the game should be played!   No idea why, it's not like the rules are difficult or hard to find.  Maybe you should get extra points for following the rules!

Three card packs are colour coded and the further up the ladder you go, the harder the questions become so I can guarantee you will be in smug mode as you climb the ladder and be convinced you're going to be winning millions - especially if you forget to change the card colours as you climb!  

You have a golden buzzer to claim your "wins" or you can just keep going and go bust, which we did several times, I don't know how the contestants hold their nerve playing for REAL money!

Limitless Win Ladder

I've already mentioned that I love this new board game and can see it being one of the family favourites.

You can purchase the game from Gingerfox for £24.99 and will make a great challenging game this Christmas.

**I take no responsibility for any family feuds based on my recommendation of purchasing this game.


  • Innovative board ladder
  • Family Game
  • Entertaining
  • Reasonable Price
  • Over 600 questions


  • No timer included
  • Ant & Dec are not included

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