Where to buy gluten-free cakes

Are you looking for gluten-free cakes for yourself or as a present?  How about a different type of office "thank you" gift or an alternative to Easter Eggs?  

We have been sampling some of Honeybuns' flapjacks and cakes from one of their traybake selection - and oh my days - These are delicious!

Honeybuns mix of glutenfree cakes in an tray back form

Who are Honeybuns?

Based in Dorest, Em started delivering homemade cakes on her bicycle back in 1998, after noticing how difficult it was to come across gluten-free goodies.

Fast forward 26 years and Honeybuns is now delivering to all of the UK, thankfully for Em, not on her bike!

Thoughts on Honeybuns Cakes

I love flapjack and was delighted when we received the sweet treat taster box from Honeybuns.  We received 14 - yes - 14 flapjack/cake slices!  These taster boxes are one of Honeybuns' best sellers and can be purchased from their website for £22 plus delivery.

Honeybuns Tray Bake Taster Pack

I believe that is a good price, in fact, I thought the cost of the taster box would be so much higher and here is why:
  • The quality of these cakes is amazing!  They are mouthwatering and made well.
  • The density of the cakes is something to behold!  The thickness, and therefore quantity of flapjack/cake you get, you can easily share - you can - whether you want to or not is an entirely different matter.
I'm blown away with these products and will be adding Honeybuns to my list of companies to purchase from for Christmas, Birthdays, and any other day! 

Sustainability and Eco-friendly

As if we didn't love them already for their scrummy flapjacks and gift options from brownies in a mug, traybake gift sets to afternoon tea hampers, Honeybuns have also won the Good Egg Awards 2023 in farming.

Not to mention working hard to reduce their sustainability & eco promise:
  •     Continually seeking to improve their green credentials
  •     Reducing their deliveries on-site and bulk buying
  •     All cardboard used is recyclable
  •     Glassine bags are 100% recyclable
  •     The launch of their Bee Green Project (well worth a read)!
Honeybuns Bee Green Initiative

Obviously, taste is as personal as it gets.   I'd suggest purchasing small and seeing what you think of these cakes.  I am sure you won't be disappointed and will find yourself returning for more, for those I have shared the cakes with have commented on just how delicious Honeybuns are!

Rachael Jess gives Honeybuns 5 out  of 5 for taste and commitment


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Exquisite tasting cakes
  • UK Company
  • Reasonable prices
  • Gluten-Free & Vegan Products


  • None

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