London Film and Comicon 2014 #LFCC

Mini Spider-man showing off his web shooter he was given by Aeronic Cosplay 

Oh yes, it happened.

We took Max to his first Film and Comic Convention in London this year.


My boy is not yet 3 and he lasted the entire day with no fuss, I'm so proud of him!  He had bought daddy a photoshoot with the Legend that is STAN LEE.  The timing for the shoot was around 5 pm..... and we were there from 10.30 am!

My photos, I think, show how much fun we had and what great costumes and stars were there.  Some of the highlights from the day were:

* Max giving a high 5 to every Spider-man he saw.

* Dayne and her selfies with a Storm Tropper, Robert Hays and Jason Mewes!

* Meeting the creator of Geek Girl

But of course, the best moment of the day was getting this picture!!

I love London's Film and Comic Convention and it is a fantastic day out for all the family.  Tickets start at £8 and littlies go free.  If your children are into their comic book heroes (pfft even if you are yourselves!) I highly highly recommend a visit - something everyone should do at least once.

Here's a snippet in photos of our day:

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