Harry Potter Crafts

The lovely Amber posted this image over on Instagram a few weeks ago and I loved it, admired it and stored it away in my brain under lovely.

I then looked at my rather boring bits and bobs drawer ... Read More 
Anyone who is on my Facebook or Twitter account would have seen over the past week I have spammed both with my potion bottles - I'm not sorry, I love them and still have empty bottles at home...... Read More

When I received my resin kit from jewellery maker I immediately knew what I was going to fill the pendants with.... Harry Potter pages!  I just love Harry Potter jewellery and like to create it myself as I can then create the pieces just how I want them.... Read More
So, back in the summer, we went to a garage sale - and the guy holding the sale was selling off his cider bottles and I just wanted them! .... Read More
Back in the summer whilst wandering around the car boot I came across this unwanted boring old box - I think it's a wine box .... Read More

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