Worthing's Just Daydreaming Pop Up Shop & Gallery

Explore a whimsical exhibition featuring artists from The Fairy Tale Fair in Worthing from 20th – 25th March 2018

The Fairy Tale Fair is very excited to announce their first ever pop up shop, and it's happening in Worthing, West Sussex!

The pop up – Just Daydreaming – will feature over 15 regular and most popular makers from the fairs over the past 5 years.

The pop up will be held at Colonnade House – Creative Hub in Worthing from 20th – 25th March 2018. Colonnade House is comprised of two gallery spaces and three floors of creative studio space and is located in the heart of Worthing’s vibrant cafe quarter.

The pop up gives artists with original and large-scale works a chance to showcase these as well as a range of handmade products from talented makers to explore all under one roof. As well as original artwork discover prints, cards, homewares, papercuts, jewellery, pins, patches, badges and lots more. There will be something to suit all ages and budgets – even pocket money buys.
Fall down the rabbit hole and explore this whimsical pop up with unique handmade gifts by local artists ahead of Easter.
I'm hoping to get down to the exhibition at the beginning of the week as we have a full packed weekend started Friday!
To get an idea of what is being shown over the 6 days, I would suggest visiting the Fairy Tale Fair website where you can view the artists work.
Rather loving Martha Mitchell's fine line drawings!

Will I see you down there?

Easter Craft ideas for toddlers

Easter Kids Craft

With spring just around the corner, it can only mean one thing - Easter is here!  But also the unpredictable weather!  So one wet Saturday we chose to get into the spirit of Spring.

As a toddler, my son very much enjoyed his craft days (and still does), and for him, the messier the better so I figured the best thing for us would be to cut out some egg shapes and decorate them.

With a sheet on the floor, glue, glitter pens, stickers and laughter we set about making our Easter Egg bunting.
Easter Kids Craft

Once we had all our eggs decorated we waited until they were dry and pierced 2 holes in each across the top and threaded through some beautiful ribbon.
Easter Kids Craft

Once the eggs were threaded we hung them up over the mantle place, completing our Easter Home Decorations.

This soon became a favourite pass time for my son and on Sunday we were cutting out, even more, egg shapes to decorate.  I think he particularly likes hanging them up.

Easter Kids Craft

As we had a good selection of material left over I thought it would be nice to create a new vase to home some of the lovely daffodils that will soon be popping up in the garden.

I discovered that jars made a great base for a vase.  So using the glue dots and felt I covered the glass.
Easter Kids Craft

We decorated our new vase with an Easter theme and then we went out into the garden and selected some daffodils to finish off the piece.

Our new vase now sits pride of place on the mantlepiece above our bunting giving the room a nice Easter and Spring feel.
Easter Kids Craft

Easter Kids Craft

Do you have any craft projects dotted around the home for each season?  Do you think the Easter Egg Bunting would be a hit in your house?

My 7 Favourite Easter Eggs in Movies

The real and the planted easter eggs in movies
Can you name the movie?
I love the whole idea of Easter Eggs in movies and with a Panasonic 4K TV, you will find it a little bit clearer to catch some of these.   I have to admit, when I first heard of these I thought they meant just that..... that there were actual eggs hidden in movies and we had to find them like a giant Easter egg hunt......

I know!

Just in case there is anyone left out that doesn't know what Easter Eggs in movies means, these are inside jokes, hidden messages or homages to other films placed somewhere within the movie.

So from my memory and a little help from the guys over at Movie Easter Eggs here are my top 7 Easter Egg Movie Moments:

1.  Lion King in Toy Story

Hakuna Matata being sung in the car from Toy Story, as we often sang this with Max so is always a nice surprise to hear.

There are many Easter Eggs in all the Disney and Pixar movies.  Some are very obvious such as Rapunzel attending Queen Elsa's coronation, and some not so clear such as finding the room number A113 in all the films.

2. R2D2 in Indian Jones

I've heard about this one and make a point of looking out for it whenever I'm watching Raiders of the Lost Ark... but I get involved in the film and completely forget to look out for it... until the credits roll and my memory kicks in again!

R2D2 features in Indiana Jones

3. Stan Lee & Alfred Hitchcock Cameo Appearances

I love that both these guys feature in their films.  Obviously being a Marvel fan I look out for Stan Lee within seconds of the movie starting and one of my favourites is seeing him in Big Hero 6!  As for Alfred Hitchcock - he manages to star in a film which is set entirely in a lifeboat.

Hitchcock's cameo on Lifeboat film

Stan Lee in Big Hero Six

4.  Spider-man & Itsy Bitsy Spider theme 

I know this one is quite obvious but I love it anyway!  When electro catches his spider in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 he plays out Itsy Bitsy Spider with the power grid.

5. James Bond in Star Wars 

This one I didn't know until after the movie, so now I need to watch it again (I know, I've only watched it once!) to catch Daniel Craig as Stormtrooper 007.

Daniel Craig as 007 Stormtrooper

6. Teen Wolf use Hill Valley Hospital

In the TV series Teen Wolf (yep, taken from the film) in season 5, the hospital is evacuated and patients are moved to Hill Valley Hospital.  Nice touch for Back to the Future fans.

Hill Valley mentioned in Teen Wolf
7.  Harry Potter's Marauder's Map getting sexy!

The newest one I've seen is the sex scene on the Marauder map, yeah you read that right!    This clip is filmed at the end of Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban!!  Who knew!!

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Do you have any favourites?  I'd love to hear them.

This is a collaborative post