Look in my letterbox #1

I recently discovered the linky Look In My Letterbox over on Alice Megan's blog and I've found myself slightly addicted to it!  Lets face it, we know this translates to I'm being nosey and have rather enjoyed stalking everyone's virtual doormats!  So I thought I would join in.

I may have picked the wrong week to start this or I buy too much crap!  The end of the month is subscription week for me so I'll start with the two geeky boxes that turned up and those were from Marvel's Collector Corp and Infinity Crates.

Picture says it all - very pleased with Secret Wars theme thanks to Marvel's Collector Corps
Pretty cool delivery from Infinity Crates as I don't have Charlie, just the boys :-)

Next up is the last (except for the Twinkies) item that will be going in my son's party bags (that I'm rather proud of as I made them..... watch  out for Wednesday's post).

Monster stickers - for my little monster
With summer nearly over, with the exception of the crazy heat wave we'll get at the end of October, I've started to look into Christmas presents.  I have an Amazon tool that shows up items which are currently half price or less and when I see something for the family I purchase it... That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Bought for £12 on Amazon now back up to £26.50
Bought for £11 on Amazon.  Currently on offer at £29.66

Also this week I upcycled an old Barbie shelf that I purchased from the car boot for £1!!  I get my paper from Scrapping the Magic and just needed a few more sheets to finish this project..... and may have bought a few other pieces of paper.... just because!

Finally (er phew!) I have finished this post with my Just because purchase, and I'm sure any of my geeky / Star Wars friends will agree my finally purchase of the week - is cool!
Star Wars Key Covers - Amazon

Other than my phone, which I thought may be a bit too much for my first post!  That's what was delivered to me this week.  If you like the idea of having a look-see / nosey at what others are receiving do follow the linky image below to take you to the list of others and feel free to let me know if you're going to join in too - help feed my addiction :-)

Until next week.....

*Amazon links are associated ones


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