Back to school stationery

Well, it's official!  This summer I will be sourcing stationery, uniforms and shoes in the coming month as my son, come September, is a school boy!!

One item I can check off my list straight away is stationery, as we have received a fabulous back to school stationery  bundle from Maped Helix.

great back to school stationery from Maped Helix

Who are Maped Helix?

Maped Helix are an educational stationery brand with a long history.  Helix created and supply the famous Oxford brand, as in the Oxford Maths set most people had at school....
great back to school stationery from Maped Helix

While Maped are the fun and funky side of the brand, and I must admit, these products really are funky and perfect talking point with your children.

Of the stationery we received, the following were my son's favourite:
The Sensoft Fluo scissors fit perfectly in his hands, under strict supervision he used these to cut out little messages for me!

The scissors are definitely funky with bright green handles and a great pattern on the blade, it really is no wonder he made a beeline for these.

The pencils are perfect for little hands, and Max held these much better than normal round ones.  Maped has designed these to be triangular in shape for better grip and more comfortable use.
Large diameter pencil for younger hands and children learning to write Triangular shape for better grip and more comfortable use High quality strong graphite lead

The funky grip system ruler is something new to Max.  I explained how to use it, measure and draw straight lines with it and he very quietly sat and measured out his drawings, after commenting on the fact the ruler was Spiderman colours.

Overall, my son loved this stationery pack, the vibrant colours, the funky designs aimed at young children and the pencils and felts being in triangular shape have all helped in making the instruments comfortable in his hands.

By using this equipment at home first, I'm sure this will have some comfort for when he takes his stationery to school (maybe comfort for me, let's face it, he's going to be fine!).

I'm really impressed with the Helix Maped brand and will definitely be a company that I go back to over the summer holidays as I'm going through my back to school list!

Triangular shape for better grip
I received this stationery from Helix Maped to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received