Bee Friendly Gardening

Giving nature a chance with our mini pond
We rescued some tadpoles from a drying up puddle and look what happened
Those who follow my blog or my random little snippets on social media will know that we are very much into our gardening at the moment and encouraging nature to visit our garden.

We recently watched our rescued tadpoles grow into teeny tiny froglets thanks to RSPB's mini pond tutorial and my son is convinced we have a hedgehog living in the hedgehog house we have hidden away under the bushes, so it will come to no surprise that we also try to encourage the bees to pop by, and oh my days we had a biggie visit the other day, but she seemed to be camera shy (translated to I lost her when I pulled my phone out my pocket)!
Bees visiting last year
So below is a very informative and rather lovely infographic that I want to share with you all.  As with many infographics, there is a lot of information to take in from what bees do, their decline and there is also tips on what you can do to encourage bees in your garden and from this piece, I'll be doing the following this year:

Choosing flowers to help bees

Choosing purple flowers
Planting singular and tubular shaped flowers
Sourcing Lavender for the front garden & Heather for the back garden.

Create a bee pot for the winter

Creating a shelter for the queen bumblebee for the winter, I love this idea and will be adding this to our garden to-do list!

Do have a look at the info below, thanks to Suttons and let me know if you too will be trying to encourage the bees in your garden.

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