Nerd Block Junior

September Nerd Block Junior
I am loving the geek box subscriptions out there and as I wrote on my previous post I'm slowly going to work my way through them all!  So of course I ordered the Junior Nerd Block for Max.

I must say when we got the August box I wasn't entirely impressed with the contents and totally forgot in my excitement of opening it... I mean when Max opened it - I forgot to take any pictures what so ever!  So I promised myself I'd do a review for September and I'm undecided now whether to cancel it or not.

So, what's in the box?

Wonder Woman Scribblenaut

Brain Cell Plush

Pokemon Stickers

Yes this got opened before I could snap a shot

Sonic Racer
Trash Pack
So with all those goodies above - Max played with the TMNT papercraft that came in daddy's Nerd Block!!

From the Classic Nerd Block


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