Time to lose some pounds!!

I have mentioned a couple of times in the past that I've gained a few pounds since having my son. What happened when I returned to work is my eating habits remained as if I was pregnant!  There were constant cookies, cakes and biscuits in the office and 8 hours at work instead of out and about with my son - you bet I ate!!

To the point that I struggled to keep my current size clothes from popping & splitting!  Over the last 3 years, I haven't done any exercises, I can give you a million and one excuses for not having time, new baby, moving .... and some will agree with me that time is scarce with kids and others will say there is always time..... So let's just say, I obviously didn't want it bad enough!

Until last month.

Until I was forced to buy the next size up in clothes because I could not squeeze that belly into my clothes anymore!! Nothing to do with body shaming, 'beach body' or any other pressure the media tries to put on us... I was not happy having to buy the next size up. Simple!

So I'm on a diet.

I'm on a low-calorie diet for the next few weeks then I'm going to increase my calories and start burning them off with my Davina DVD... but let's not get crazy now, baby steps, baby steps!!

In 2 weeks I've lost 6lb.  I'm rather pleased with this as it's been based on reduced calories and next to no carbs!  I love my carbs, or at least I thought I did, but now I'm rather loving Smoothies!!  Armed with a new Kenwood Smoothie 2go Sport blender from  House of Fraser I've been making smoothies in the morning and taking them to work with me in the sports bottle.
Kenwood Smoothie Maker

I tried out the following mix in my blender and it worked like a charm.  It gave a smooth consistency and with a change of lid was easy to put in my bag and have when I got to work.

* Banana - which the smoothie maker made light work of!
* Handful of blueberries
* Apple Juice
* Honey

Oh, my days - I'm rather in love with that smoothie!

Banana Smoothie with Kenwood

The blender itself, which is currently retailing at £29.99 is rather stylish and compact in size and fits perfect on the side of the counter.  As I'm only on week 2 of my diet there is much more opportunity for this little smoothie maker.

I'm rather impressed with Kenwood, we bought a food processor at the weekend to go with the smoothie maker to help with the new recipes I'm trying out, so I'll update you all again in a couple of weeks when I've been on my diet for a month and hopefully, I'll be telling you all that I'm now regularly working out in the evening with Davina.......

I received a Kenwood Smoothie Maker for the purposes of this review
All words are my own and not influenced by the product received.