Infinity Crates - December Geek Box Review

Infinity Crates Might & Magic December Box
In my quest to find the perfect Geek box subscription (so found it).  I have December's Infinity Crates box to review.  This is my 3rd box (and wont be my last).  I do love Infinity Crates!  There is nothing in any of my boxes that I do not love!  I will continue to look at other boxes, but this one is going to be running along side them unless something spectacular comes along!

When you sign up to Infinity Crates you create a profile with the programs, games and films that you love and with that in mind your box is created as best it can be around your likes.

The December theme was Might and Magic, great theme as far as I'm concerned and it did not disappoint.  First up is the postcard above, I love these and apparently need to keep these in a safe place for future reference... no idea what that means - just a post from Infinity Crates on Twitter.

Along with the postcard we have a poster with Guardians of the Galaxy theme, only fitting then that I have the film on whilst writing up this post.

Infinity Crates December Poster - Guardians of the Galaxy
No keyring this month, but when they do pop up they are fantastic so instead we have chocolate - can't complain about that, everyone needs a few buttons in their life.

Infinity Crates December Box - Chocolate Buttons
Next up is a rather cool vinyl sticker from The Hobbit

Infinity Crate December Box - Hobbit Vinyl Sticker
And then it all gets a bit exciting!!  I'd already seen the quote on my T-shirt as it was the first item out the box, but I had missed the supernatural symbols on the house in the postcard, but when I saw the magnets - oh hello!!!

Infinity Crates December Box - Magnets
Now, I very nearly put my POP before the magnets in order of awesomeness... but I'm not sure you guys, my readers share my love for the Winchesters so here is Ms Poison Ivy - thank you very much.

Poison Ivy POP Thanks to Infinity Crates December Box
Finally, the personal touch that Infinity Crates provides is how I now have a 'set' of Batman POPs and how I nearly peed my pants when I  opened the box and this was the first thing I saw!

Supernatural Awesomeness thanks to Infinity Crates December Box
So there we have it, my 7 fantastic items for December.  I also have the Christmas Boxes coming so if I get chance I'll try post them up too.

My order of preference has not changed since I wrote My Geek Box post :
Number 1 - Infinity Crate   £16.99
Number 2 - Nerd Block approx £21
Number 3 - My Geek Box £14.99

Kawaii Boxes is also a fantastic cute box and deserves its own mention.

I have now cancelled My Geek Box and will be trying out a new subscription box in the new year - with so many to choose from I have no idea tonight which it will be.

What is January's theme you ask? Only HEROES vs VILLAINS!!


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