Moving House - Part 2

Moving House
Moving House
On the run up to moving I'd written a post on how I introduced the move to my son with getting him involved in packing, showing him the new house and regularly talking to him about moving which you can read here.

Well it worked.

Both the dog and the boy settled in almost immediately.

As soon as her bed, my bed and the sofa were in the house my dog was home.  She also made herself a bed in the garden........

Nothing like a cardboard box to sunbathe in
As for Max, well he had a whole house to run around in, stairs and a new kitchen diner to amuse him.  He continued to go to nursery whilst I had a week off to unpack and each day he'd come home to a few more boxes unpacked in his room and more of his toys in a new drawer to find and play with.

The house itself was very very bare - even the curtain rails had been taken so we have a lot of work cut out for us, but also a lot of blogs to follow - one of which may just involve how we fixed the new curtain rail with Lego.............

So my advice if you're moving - let the kids help, let them pack a few boxes themselves and help unpack the other end.

I love this video, among the chaos of moving we still had fun.



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