The Instagram Bag from Paper Bag Co

Food and photography pretty much go hand in hand in the Instagram world and the lovely Paper Bag Co has created the most amazing bag containing a few vital accessories to help your photos of food pop!

The Foodie Bag a brilliant large bag perfect for photos

I am in love with the bag, not only can you use it as a backdrop for photos, but it is the perfect size for festivals, overnight stays and a shopping spree.

If this bag feels familiar to you, it is probably due to the fact I covered the Selfie bag by their sister company so the concept is similar and this bag like the jute bag has a reflector to get the perfect light for your photos.

What is different this time around is not only is this bag larger in size but there are some background drops to use for your photos by Black Velvet Styling.  I pin these to large pieces of card so they are easily moveable.  The orange background in the video is an A1 foam card from Hobbycraft covered with paper and pinned, so I can change it out.

Background papers to use on Foodie Blogs

The really thoughtful piece in this bag is the cards.  Matt Inwood has shared his knowledge on 8 picturesque postcards filled with handy tips on how to take photos.

Matt Inwood's Hints and Tips on taking photos on a postcard

Armed with all these amazing accessories be sure to notice a marked improvement in my photos.

The Foodie Bag can be purchased from The Paper Co website for £39.95 plus post and packaging, this may seem quite expensive, but the knowledge from Matt Inwood and the backdrops more than make this bag value for money.


  1. Although I'm absolutely rubbish at photos, I can't say I'd be inspired to get the bag

    1. To be fair, I've used this bag so much in the last couple of weeks, it's been great to the Jubilee Weekend, you can pack everything in it.


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