Letters to my son - Aeroplane spins

Dear Maxwell,

You've had some fun these last few weeks, daddy's had some fun these last few weeks and mummy has aged about 50 years watching the pair of you.

The daredevil in you both has seen you spinning round on your first aeroplane spins with daddy.  You loved this and I'm still not sure which of you was more dizzy from the spins.  This is one of those moments that will stay with me forever.

And then........

One day you are at a local fun day with daddy and the MEGA SLIDE was there!  Now the size of this thing looked about 90 foot tall!  I have no idea how tall it really was as I wasn't there - if I was, I'm not entirely sure I would have been happy with our little 2 year old braving it.

Daddy knows you, and knows you can easily handle the mega slide and that mummy is prone to overreacting.... and he was so so right - on both counts.

My little daredevil

Love you my little thrill seeker

Lots of Love


  1. oh my goodness those spins look terrifying but fun! Miss T is becoming more adventurous lately and it is stressing me out. x

    1. They really do not have any fear do they!


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