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Canvas Prints

I was recently asked by The Canvas Prints if I would like to review their website, service and product.  I am happy to review canvas products but in all honesty, I was a bit dubious as to how my canvas was going to arrive more than the print itself!  My reason for this is packaging in the past has left me a bit speechless, so I was so pleased to see Fragile all over the box, a lot of bubble wrap and a protective film over the canvas.

Canvas Print Packaging
Canvas Prints
Canvas Prints
Canvas Prints

I sent Canvas Prints the image on the left and asked for it to be cropped as I thought there was a bit too much sea for a print of 12" x 18".  I do think the crop has worked well although, I must admit that I thought the canvas was darker than the original - it's not!!  I know it looks it but what makes the original appear to be brighter is the very blue sky and the pale sand around the edges .... which is now cropped out!

Cropping Canvas image  Cropping Canvas image after

The print itself is great, it's clear, it has a good quality backing and now sits pride of place in Max's room. To get a custom canvas print you can visit their new website and select one of the 3 prints on offer:
Canvas Print Website
screenshot of the website

Once you've made that choice you can then go on and decide if you want a gallery wrap, solid colour wrap or mirror wrap.  I do own a print (not by Canvas Prints) that is mirror wrap and possibly my least favourite of the options as Max's hand appears on the side as part of the wrap and is among balls so it just looks a bit odd.  I would say have a good think about your images before selecting what you think 'sounds great'.

Following this step, you are presented with several options to get your images uploaded and sent over to Canvas Print and I must admit my favourite has to be Instagram.  How cool is that? (Yes I do love my Instagram).  You also have the option to upload directly from your PC which I always find is the best option as it is usually where my originals and highest quality image sits.  I'm not sure on the quality of Google+ but if you are thinking of uploading an image via Facebook do remember that Facebook will reduce the image quality and you may get asked for the original by Canvas Prints if they feel the image is too poor quality.

Once you have your image uploaded you can play around with image effects after selecting your canvas size.  You really are spoilt for choice and with a preview, on hand, you can see exactly what you will be getting.

All in all, I have no issues with The Canvas Prints and found their customer service very polite and professional, the website easy to use and most importantly the canvas of good quality finish.

I do love how in this day and age canvas prints have become so much easier, quicker and cheaper to order now - don't you?

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