Review: Finding a Fancy Dress Outfit

For those who know us will know that we do like to make an effort around Halloween, themed parties and well let's face it - around any excuse to dress up!  So it's no surprise really that Max loves it too then is it? Therefore, I consider myself rather fortunate that I recently had the opportunity to review a Fancy Dress Costume from Jokers' Masquerade.

Jokers' Masquerade's fancy dress website has a fantastic array of costumes for not only adults but children's costumes too so I took great delight in receiving their Sherlock Holmes Outfit for ages 3 - 5.

Now Max is a tall lad and is 3 in a couple of months so I didn't think this outfit would be too big on him, but I must admit the coat does rather swamp him.  The belt helps with giving the coat some shape but the sleeves will definitely need tacking up - not a bad thing as it means he will get a couple of year's use out of it and the site does have a size guide to assist you.

The hat fits him lovely, but by looking at the boy in front of the costume... I'm not sure it should?  Anyway, my boy loves it and is happy to wear it.

The material is thin but feels good and sits well which I am very pleased about as we've had some costumes in the past years that have looked and felt, well a bit naff to be honest!  Also, and as you can see from my photos I would recommend having a good look at the garment before putting it on for your event - as this one does need a quick iron run over it.

Our boy practically lives in his Spider-man outfit so I was pleasantly surprised when there was no resistance from him to put on his Sherlock Holmes outfit.  The coat as I mentioned is nice and loose and Max is actually able to put this on himself.  I know this as he's been putting it on in the mornings since its first outing and going out in the garden to investigate bugs!

Holding his homemade looking glass

Sporting the no trousers look due to the amazing hot weather we're having!

The outfit Max is wearing currently costs £11.45 and for that, you get the coat, belt and hat (I love the hat!).  For a few extra pennies you can make your own looking glass.  I will be posting our detective craft made this week which included the looking glass shown or splash out on the real thing from the Early Learning centre.
Our homemade looking glass, binoculars and a secret box

Delivery is very quick and orders purchased today will be received tomorrow - this is ideal if you've left everything to the last minute which is usually what daddy does....

So, as I mentioned above, the website itself offers a vast array of costumes - far more than I've seen in any fancy dress shop that we've had downtown and - and quite possibly my favourite find on their site - ACCESSORIES!  Every girl should have a Shield Handbag!

All in all, I'm pleased with the delivery speed of our product, the value and the fact it gets a big thumbs up from Max.  October is my favourite month for many reasons and Max being that bit older now I'm looking forward to revisiting Joker' Masquerade and maybe picking out one of their Kid's Halloween Costumes

Mini Vampire or Mini Zombie - what do you reckon??

Disclaimer: I received the detective outfit from Jokers' Masquerade to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by the product received


  1. Love their costumes - we got to review a wild west one a while back and we were really impressed with the range of outfits. Max looks great as Sherlock holmes. x

    1. Thank you, we had such fun with it :D


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