Cartwheeling Chestie Nut #Bargain

Reading the Cartwheeling Chestie Nut Book at the fair

At the weekend we ended up at a school vintage fate over in Chichester.  I'm still not quite sure how that happened other then we were on our way to Littlehampton Fun Day.... only to discover halfway there I had the wrong MONTH let alone day!  It may have been the advertising of vintage cars on the flyer that did it I think.

Anyway, we had a great time.  Max loved the playground and I got a wee bit emotional - not quite ready to see him playing in a school playground yet - he's not even 3!  We finally managed to get past the hopscotch and on to the field, and whilst we were looking around we came to a stall where Barbara Cluff was selling her books.  She is a lovely lady who is very passionate about her books and is a local to Chichester.

Max picked out the book he wanted and Barbara very kindly signed it for him... and then he wouldn't give it up!  I wanted to put his book away until we got home but Max had other ideas and promptly sat down in the sun and asked 'read daddy please'!

Reading the Cartwheeling Chestie Nut Book at the fair

So we sat on the school field in the middle of a fate/vintage day - reading.  How fab!

You know this book is lovely!   Its marked up at £6.99 but we got it half price (and signed) - Bargain I'd say!  Its a thick book with beautiful illustrations (by Barbara and Roger Cluff) and tells the story of Chestie Nut and his adventures he learns about life.

Throughout the book is a little song that he sings and at the back of the book is the music sheet for the song.  A lot of thought has gone into this and Max loved it.  He often asks for 'Squirrel' when we're at home.

The only downside.... I learnt very quickly that day I can no longer do cartwheels.  I'm sure every single bone in my body shifted and rattled.  I got the message - I'm no Cartwheeling Chestie Nut - much to the amusement of the vintage car owners I'm sure!!

Don't you just love unexpected little gems and random days out?


  1. Despite my general dislike of schools, school fetes are just the best! I remember years before we had kids, we were in Devon on holiday during school fete season and we just had the best time stopping by all these school fetes and village fetes having a great time and getting lots of goodies (mostly edible treats) for a matter of pence! That book looks lovely x

  2. Thanks Rebecca, you're right, some fab finds can be found at school fates - Max is rather good at picking out the raffle prizes too :)


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