Custom Paint Jobs - The #Spiderman Car!

Custom made Pixar Lightening McQueen cars

Before Max was born daddy bought a Lightning McQueen off eBay, sprayed it and covered it with new stickers.  It has since been tucked away in Max's keepsake trunk so as not to get ruined.

Since that day, daddy has been collecting and spraying Lightning McQueen cars and customising them for Max.  We now have 8 of these cars dotted around the house.  The image above is of the first 5 cars that he did before Max because a Spider-man fan.

And then this happened.....

Custom made Pixar Lightening McQueen cars Spiderman

These are our latest editions to Max's collection - daddy did Spiderman and his boss did Venom/Black Spidey.

So what do you think?  I'm rather proud of him.

Custom made Pixar Lightening McQueen cars - Spiderman


  1. These are fabulous. I love the latest 2 additions.

  2. wow - what an amazing idea! And what special keepsakes they make x

    1. Thank you, Daddy is very talented :)


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