Review: Gro-Clock - The hunt for a good night's sleep....

Gro-Clock Review
Forever on the hunt on trying to keep my son in his bed, we have a new room, new mattress and now we have a fantastic new clock!  I must say, I am rather excited to be reviewing the Gro clock as it comes highly recommended from friends who have recently experienced their son wondering in their room as soon as the cot sides came down!

The Gro-clock is designed to teach children to understand when it is time to get up with 'Stay in bed until you see the sun', so when we received our clock I got my son to 'help me' set it up and explained to him at the time what we were doing.

Gro-Clock Review
Seeing the sun is time to get up
When we went to bed I showed Max the sun and explained again that the sun was now going to sleep and pressed the buttons at the bottom.  With this, the sun gave a wink and went into night mode, a lovely blue glow and the stars come out.

I do like the glow as a night light, it works perfectly in my boy's room.

Gro-Clock Review
We've had our clock a week now and we are still getting used to using it.  Each night I inform my boy that the sun is now going to bed, and when the sun comes up it is time to get up.  I don't expect this to happen overnight, and as yet we haven't quite got to the stage of staying in bed, but we have made steps in the right direction, when my boy calls out in the night I go in with him and explain the stars are still out and stay with him until he falls back to sleep and then he doesn't get up again until he sees the sunshine.

With patience and a few more nights of explaining the clock, I do feel we will finally crack this and he'll understand when it is time to get up.

The Gro-clock can be purchased from the Gro-Store which is currently on sale at £24.99 and has some great reviews online and I'm sure if you speak with friends and family like I have you'll find someone who has one of these great products too.

In my opinion, the Gro products are a great brand to own for any family.

Disclaimer: I received a Gro-Clock to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced over the product received.

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