How to display your Lego Minifigures in a picture frame.

Star Wars themed upcycle project
StarWars themed upcycle project
It would appear the upcycling bug has been passed on to my partner!  The following post is how he turned a £5 charity shop picture frame into an awesome Lego mini-figure display frame.

£5 Charity shop find
£5 Charity shop find
What amazed me the most about this is the fact this was whipped up in one weekend - and yet I still have the same shoes I'm covering for what feels like forever.

The first step was to dismantle the picture frame and spray the wood frame black - a 2-minute job for some who is a paint sprayer by trade.......

Painted picture frame
Completed in seconds!  Me, I'd still be messing around with the tape!
Left overnight to dry we decided on red background wallpaper for the images to be placed in front of, and I knew exactly which paper would look superb - and I wasn't wrong!

Adding a background sheet to the frame
Sticking the paper to the back of the frame
This fabulous paper is from the Gorjuss range and even if you didn't go with a theme I think it looks rather lovely with just the plain white border.

Add the border back on the Gorjuss paper
Revamping £5 charity frame
Looking good
Now, there is no shortage of mini-figures in the house and watch this space for how 'we' created a Lego stand for the Simpsons and Superheroes, but for this post - we went Star Wars, and thanks to one of my zBox geek boxes - we had the perfect comic to use:

Selecting the new border
Selecting the new border
Bring out the Mod Podge 
New Star Wars Comic border completed
New Star Wars Comic border completed
Left to dry overnight we then raided the 'random' Lego box and found some single line Lego to glue to the bottom of the individual framing areas.

No idea of technical name - I just call them long skinny ones
Adding lego to secure the mini figure
Glueing to the base of each frame to secure the mini figure

And there we have it.  All that is left is to decide who makes the cut and display it on the wall.


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