9 common phrases from a parent of a boy

NOW, as a mother of a boy, I understand this poem!

 Over the past month I've found myself saying the most strangest of phrases to my son!  To me, a girl, they are strange - to my partner they are amusing - possibly because he may well have heard these phrases himself when he was a lad.

Boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dog tails - I always thought this was a bit harsh on boys when I was younger - oh hell NO!  In fact that mixture is rather pleasant!! More like boys are made of snot and worms and puppy dog bumholes!

Our Caterpillars, safe in their tubs and not in my son's mouth......

These are the phrases I found myself saying in the last 6 weeks that made me stop and say to myself 'Oh My Days did I really just say that'...........

* Stop licking the floor!

* Stop poking the dog's bum!

* I'm not talking to you until you stop playing with your willy! 
       (I'm sure I've said this one to his dad a couple of times too....)

* Stop tasting the dog's food!

* Whatever you're doing stop eating it!

* Stop putting your finger up my nose.

* Get that Lego out your bum!

* Did you just feed the dog your boogies?

Either one of them will eat an ice-cream, boogies or a worm!

And one that I heard daddy say ....

* Put it away and stop playing with your balls!

Snot, Sea air and Crabs

Never a dull moment and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love this boy.  Slugs, snails, snot and all

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