Do you turn your mattress?

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Whilst looking at some rather fabulous bed lining online the other day, I was asked by my partner what size our bed was.  "It's King Size" I replied quite confidently until I heard the words "Are you sure?".... I had to stop for a minute and think about what size the last set of bed lining I bought was!  It always amazes me how those 3 words can make me doubt myself in a second!

I found myself referring to rather useful buyers guide from Tesco Direct on mattresses and not only does it give you the measurements on each of the bed sizes it also gives you a guide on what each size would ideally be used for AND the different types of mattresses that are around.

I would love a super king-size bed again.  We used to have one a few years ago but when we moved we really didn't have the room for it so we downsized, but what I didn't miss was turning the mattress!   At least with our current one, I can do this one on my own, but a super king really is a two man job!

To turn that big old beaut I would have to grab the ends, shimmy it up against me, raise it up above me and then fold it in half (yep a big no-no in the mattress world).  This involved me bending over WITH the mattress, sometimes that took a couple of attempts..... I couldn't just flip it over due to lack of space plus it would just flick back on itself (and me!).  So once folded in half I would rock it slightly, balance it and flick the bottom out - usually sending me flying in the processes!!

So with that being said, I'd go for a mattress you don't need to turn if I ever went big again - I am liking the sound of the non-turn pillow top!

Do you have any stories about turning your mattress or is it just me that finds the difficulty route?

I was right by the way.... my bed is king size :-)

Written for Tesco


  1. ha ha - can totally relate to the struggles with turning the mattress. we got a new bed earlier this year so are trying to look after it properly by turning the mattress each week. x

    1. My mum was never one for turning mattresses, but my nan (who put the fear of God into me) was, so I guess it's always been something I've done :)


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