How we put together #Lego minifigure Stands

I wrote a post recently on how to up-cycle an old box frame found in the charity shop to home the Lego Starwars mini-figures.  Now obviously this is not the only way we display the figures in our house, so today I'm going to show you in images how we now create (what I call sofas!) stands which home a good 16 mini figures.

You don't need to use the same colours, you can have multicoloured stands if that's what is available to you.

Building up the walls

Building up the insides to hold the 'seating' area for the mini-figures.

Creating the backing for each row

Adding the tops for the figures to stand on

One completed stand

These are fab aren't they!  I don't create this, I have very limited Lego skills if I don't have instructions in front of me.  This is all my partner's handy work.

We have 4 of these now.  I've had to order a stand so the back 3 is raised in the cabinet - but they are looking good.

How do you display yours?


  1. this looks great - we love lego. Love all your minifigures too! x

    1. Thanks Rebecca, think the man of the house may need Lego Anonymous... ;-)


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