Hillarys Crafts Competition


I'm rather loving the craft competitions which are out at the moment, especially ones that are relating to Home Decor, and after a bit of hesitation (because it's fabric) I decided to give Hillarys Crafts Competition a go.

The requirement was to choose one of the 4 fabrics available from the Roman blinds and curtains collection and make something from it!

I chose Safi Turquoise and as I thought it was a nice tranquil colour and pattern I decided to make some letters from my craft room - my little bit of sanctuary in the house.

After a trip to Hobbycraft for my letters, cord and wadding I set about making my padded letters.

Hillarys Craft Competition
Materials sourced from Hillarys, Hobbycraft, and my drawers....
Before covering the letters with wadding I used the edge of one of the letters as a measure for my strips which I wanted to use for the edging.  Once I had my strips for later I used glue to cover the letters with the wadding.

Edging Strips for Hillarys Crafts Competition
Edging Strips
Padding out the letters
Once dried and where necessary trimmed I set about covering each letter with the Safi Turquoise material.

Hillarys Crafts Competitions
Marking out the material
Hillarys Crafts Competitions
Rough edges as these are going to be covered
This took me some time, especially as I'm only really used to covering a lid with material and using a staple gun (not needles!).  For these letters, I was actually sewing!  I know, go me!!

Once each of the letters was covered I used my red material which I'd measured out earlier to go round the edges (good for hiding the seams).  I used my old faithful Mod Podge for this.

Hillarys Crafts Competitions
Adding the edging to cover the seams
Hillarys Crafts Competitions
Mod Podge used to add edging to letters
Then finally I again got the glue out and run the blue cord around the front edge of each letter to give it a more defined image, this was a bit tricky and I found pinning the cord in place until the glue dried helped greatly.

Hillarys Crafts Competitions
Adding the cord
Hillarys Crafts Competitions
Pinning in place until the glue dries
I had a couple of flowers from a picture frame that we are using for something else so I added these to the first and last letters and CALM was created in my craft room... which is more than I could say for the rest of the house....

So what do you think?  This is my entry into Hillarys Craft Competition which is being run until 19th June, if you want to have a go yourself you still have time to pick your fabric but be quick, the closing date is 12th June for that part of the challenge.

Do let me know if you enter too, would love to see my readers designs.


  1. They look so cool! You're so crafty x

  2. Well done for going out of your comfort zone - especially with the sewing!!! The final result looks AMAZING! Really professional. x

  3. The fabric is gorgeous isn't it? love the other fabric you used with it too!
    Good luck!


  4. Fabulous, well done for getting to the finals :)


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