National Upcycling Campaign #UpcycleRevolution

National Upcycling Campaign - #UpcycleRevolution
National Upcycling Campaign - #UpcycleRevolution
Gumtree is currently running a project to encourage people to breathe a new lease of life into their unwanted, dated or unloved items.  The campaign is to coin National Upcycling Day on 24th June which will run alongside National Upcycling Week from 22nd - 25th June.

To help promote this campaign 20 bloggers have been chosen to purchase an item from Gumtree, upcycle it and then sell it.  Gumtree has given the bloggers a budget of £100 for this challenge and I'm so pleased to be part of it!

National Upcycling Campaign - Ronseal Garden Paint
National Upcycling Campaign - Loving Ronseal Garden paint!
Once the items have been created these will all be displayed in London on 16th June at an exclusive blogger event (eek!) where expert recycler Max McMurdo will pick out his favourite piece and the winner will receive £500 for their chosen charity!

Pretty cool heh?  Very much stepping outside my comfort zone for this, I usually just buy random bits from the car boot and wing it and I certainly am not one for showing off my bits at an event......

But I'm planning on going and I've just received a call to say my piece will be picked up on Monday - eek best get the finishing touches added this weekend!!

National Upcycling Campaign - Groot
Couldn't help myself!  Sneaked in a bit of Marvel
Plus even if I don't win I am donating all proceeds from this challenge to my chosen charity - WADARS.  Worthing and District Animal Rescue Services. This charity works tirelessly in my area to help with the care and protection of animals of all kinds, be it sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or similar causes.  What's more, WADARS are currently trying to raise much-needed funds to help with the vet bills for 5 Cavaliers who were rescued from a puppy farm and need extensive veterinary treatment :-(

If you would like to donate to WADARS you can click on my donate button below or simply text WDRS99 £1 to 70070 - that would be amazing!!

Here is what I made


  1. I can't wait to see your finished piece, sounds great! x


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