Review: Chapelwood® Fun 'Bumble Bee' Feeder

Review: Chapelwood® Fun 'Bumble Bee' Feeder
What did we think of this great novel bird feeder?
My regular readers will know that we are all about encouraging nature into our garden, and thanks to the RSPB guide books we've made a great bug house and lovely little mini pond which has seen our first froglets grow from!

Look what happened a few months after rescuing tadpoles from a drying up puddle!
We rescued tadpoles from a drying up puddle a few months back!
So when we were given the opportunity to review the new Bumble Bee bird feeder from Chapelwood, I thought this would be a great addition to the garden and give my son his own feeder to look after.

About the Bumble Bee Bird Feeder

This feeder is currently available to buy from any leading garden centre for £7.99.  With that in mind, I was really pleasantly surprised when our feeder turned up at just how big it was!  I'm not sure what I was expecting but it's a rather big bee, and as such can hold 900g of feed!

Due to the design of the feeder, it is ideal for sunflower hearts, black sunflowers, and peanuts.  We didn't have any of the above as our starlings and their young have been rather spoilt with meal worm of late!  We have since purchased some peanuts and found it very easy for Max to fill up.

Bumble Bee Bird Feeder
Such vibrant colours 
Bumble Bee Child Bird Feeder
Filling up the Bumble Bee with Peanuts

Our thoughts on the Bumble Bee Bird Feeder

I love the size of this feeder, I love that it's bright yellow and stands out in the garden and for the size is good value for money.

We filled the bee up and placed up high out of the way of predators but we are yet to see any birds on the feeder.  This isn't to say they haven't been on it, we're only around in the mornings and evenings to watch the birds.  But, this may also be due to the fact our garden is in direct competition with my neighbour for the bird's al fresco dining.

Adding some colour in the world of bird feeders

I'm sure over time we will have visitors to our bee feeder, we have the sparrows on the fat balls and the starlings, well when she had her babies in the nest still would just squawk at me by 5 pm, telling us to hurry up with her tea!

I do believe this feeder does what it sets out to do, and that's to get children interested.  Max keeps an eye out and can see the feeder from his bedroom, and whilst the birds are yet to visit his feeder, they do come in the garden and he's slowly learning their names and can now recognise that distinct call of the Magpie!

ChapelWood Fun Bird Feeders

The Bumble Bee isn't the only feeder Chapelwood do for getting kids involved, there is also a Dragonfly and an Owl, so difficult to chose a favourite.
Chapelwood Bird Feeders

Do you have a favourite?  I think we have the best one ;-)


  1. This looks so cute! Perfect for summer!

  2. Hope you've had some visitors to the feeder by now. Love the design

    1. Thank you, we've not seen any yet, but we're not there all day. I did sit and watch them take some weird mud bath today though!


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