Dr Who Clock #Craft

Those who read my upcycling posts will know exactly where I purchased this unloved, unwanted clock from......

Decoupage an old clock with Dr Who Print

For 50p I bought this clock last year and to my delight - it worked!  I had an idea of what theme I wanted to decorate my car boot find with, 12 hours.... 12 doctors, but like many of my projects, that's all I did know!

So it was left a year!

I wasn't sure how to do the numbers, I was thinking of maybe collecting the lego figures from various Dr Who characters or waiting for my calendar to end and using the monthly images from that, which is another reason why the clock got left.

I then found the best images from one of my books, so I cut them out and added them to a galaxy background.
12 Dr Who faces for my new clock

I knew what I was going to do with the hands, that piece I'd always known what to do.  So I set about recovering the clock with images from the Dr Who magazines.
Decoupage Dr Who Clock

Completed Dr Who Decoupage Clock

There is a lot going on the clock front, and with the Dr Who faces I felt having images as hands would be too much, so I decided to use the galaxy paper and have the hands as silhouettes of sonic screwdrivers.
creating sonic screwdriver hands for Dr Who clock

Sonic screwdriver silhouette hands

I placed these over the existing hands with some double sided tape and a lot of patience!  And that is how I made my Dr Who clock which now hangs pride of place in my craft room.

A bit crowded but I still love it.


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