How to have a cosy night in with the family

Yes, the technological age is moving at a scary pace, with smartphones, laptops and tablets taking over our lives or so it seems!  But for me, one of our best cosy nights in was thanks to The Entertainer, and their games night in bundle.

How to have a great family night in

I'm so pleased that Max is of an age now where he is starting to understand board games and we have recently been playing various forms of Monopoly;  Avengers Monopoly was our first family board game closely followed recently by Empire Monopoly, which I love!

So I was more than happy to see Cluedo in our box, as it's my favourite board game of all!  I have to admit, it's changed a fair deal since I was a kid and used to play this with my mum and sister.  The characters have advanced, the board is extremely pretty and fancy and the pictures on the cards have also been updated accordingly.

Board games are always a hit in our house for a cosy games night in

I got myself a bit lost on the board to start with, that's how much it's changed since I've played it!  But we loved it.  Max soon lost interest in the game and was far more interested in his warm milk through a straw and the Ferris Wheel of sweeties - which will never, ever be put away!

How we made our games night in Cosy

Once we were all settled in for the evening we put the Ferris wheel together and filled it up with sweeties, this is a great centrepiece and talking point for any party, by the way.

We filled each of our cups up with our favourite drinks, got the popcorn maker out and covered our popcorn with melted butter and golden syrup.

Once our game was set up the chocolate medals were on full display for the detective of the family to claim once the game had finished - I'm sure it will come as no surprise, as I was teaching Max the game as well as playing, that I may have won!

We had our games night in on the blanket on the floor by the fire, which to me is what gave the finishing touches to make our night so cosy.

Games night in with The Entertainer Toy Shop

How would you spend a cosy night in?


  1. Love games nights. Cluedo was one of my childhood favourites too. When we went into a cafe at half term they lent us a Ticket To Ride game whilst we were waiting, which I now want to buy

    1. Oh I've not heard of that one! I'll have to check it out


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